Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Raven Guard Tactica Overview

Raven Guard Tactica and Overview

All infantry in a Raven Guard detachment that is not in Terminator Armour or Jump Infantry gains Infiltrate and Fleet. This is huge, you can have your entire army deploy almost anywhere on the board outside of 18"/12" of enemy models. This means you can start the game on top of Objectives with your troops, further up field for Assault troops, in better terrain with your heavy support squads etc.

Secondly; all Terminators, Jump Infantry and both kinds of Bike (jet and wheeled) gain Furious Charge. Furious charge terminators are amazing anti marine death machines: Lightning claws, power swords all Ap3 at Str5 + I5(!!!) Assault marines (who are cheaper now, whoop!) attacking with both hammer of wrath and at Str5 + I5. Any I5 Ap3 weapons that now wound on 3+ is brilliant, Lightning claws even more so as they have Shred. Seriously this is awesome, ask any Emperor's Children player.

The drawback for this Legion is that you cannot have more Tanks than Infantry (but your infiltrating marines can give their tank transports Infiltrate). This might seem too limiting but it's not too bad. Dedicated Rhino transports might prevent you from getting Sicarians as HS but you no longer really need Rhinos (Unless you're against Phosphex spam) as your Infantry gets up the board and to objectives faster due to Infiltrate. I say scrap the Rhinos and take assault vehicles like Spartans and Land Raider Phobos's for your amazing Furious Charge Terminators.

With Infiltrate, a Master of Signals with a Heavy Support (Plasma?) team could do some serious damage turn one with their opening salvo.

If you go down the Assault Marine route with your Raven Guard furious charge is a massive boon but remember that your other infantry also has Fleet which might help them catch up.

In terms of their Legion Rites of War:

Liberation Force is a comparatively weak Rite themed around making Fearless auxilia ally bubbles and which gives very little benefit for your actual marines beyond one turn of Zealot.

Decapitation Strike, on the other hand, is a very powerful Rite of War: Reroll the first turn is nice (I'd use reroll to go second because...), you get access to drop Drop Pods which is awesome.

Dropping in marines wherever you want them with their own annoyingly hard to destroy armoured cones is great. Drop pods are great for diverting heavy weapons fire from your other Armoured units. Deathstorms Drop pod become elites which are nice as you only get ONE HEAVY SUPPORT SLOT, but they are still overpriced for what they do.
Essentially this Rite gets you the benefits of drop assault without the drawbacks of no ground units.

Angel's Wrath is amazing with Furious Charge for your assault marines, I5 hit and run is great.

Armoured Spearhead allows you to infiltrate land raiders full of nasty units up the field. Dedicated transports must have a unit to go with so you have equal Tanks to Infantry. Infiltrating land raiders with assault ramps (Phobos) or packed with support squads can really mess up your opponents.

Pride of the Legion is good for terminators with Furious Charge as troops, veterans are cheaper now too so that's nice too. Infiltrating/Outflanking marksmen with sniper suspensor missile launchers. Rending Heavy Flamers? WS5 power swords infiltrating, yes, please. There're many options here.

Outcast sons can be good for an assault army, Infiltrate, Furious Charge, re-roll sweeping advances, potential scout on top of Infiltrate. This is pretty swish. Furious Charge Dark Furies with re-rolls on sweeping advances are amazing (more on these guys in a later post)

Drop Assault RoW is nice? I guess? Just take Decapitation Strike, who are you kidding. 

Recon Company can be good is you're not taking terminators. Shrouded 1st turn for all infiltrators (read; your whole army) is pretty good. Heavy support squads love this, lets them get better into position and gain extra survivability for a first turn strike (going second) or a follow-up beta turn two strike (going first 1st turn).

That about wraps the Raven Guard overview. I'll be doing character and unit focuses later (Mor Deythans and Dark Furies, yas!), finally followed by a Primarch focus on both Corax and Kurze.

Thanks for waiting for the blog to come back.
Happy Wargaming all.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Radio Silence

It's that time of year again, Exam season.

Apologies for the lack of new content recently. Life is doing it's best to get in the way of hobby time. New content should be uploaded after mock exams and then there'll be a break again for the end of year exams.

Again, my apologies and thanks for sticking around.
Happy Wargaming all!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Salamanders HQ Part 2 Xiaphas Jurr

Xiaphas Jurr

Kicking off with part 2 of Salamanders HQ choices, we have a second chaplain

This guy is an Artificer armoured, pointy stick wielding chaplain with +1LD and a storm shield and Burning (iron) halo. This means he has a 2+/3++, which for 30k is pretty rare. While he may not be doing much damage because of his Ap4 Maul he will be more than able to tank a few rounds of assault with a dedicated combat character.

His burning halo is another nasty reflector type weapon like the salamander relic. Anytime Xiaphas saves a S5 hit he inflicts a S4 hit back. I’m not sure whether this allocates to the inflicting model or is allocated randomly so if anyone has the new book or knows if you could drop it the comments that would be awesome.

To make this guy even better, not only does he confer Zealot to his unit, he is a Masterly Lvl 1 psyker with Prescience and Precognition from the Divination tree. With Precognition Xiaphas is downright hard to kill, a re-rollable 2+/3++ save is hard to crack.
As you might have guessed these powers immediately look assault based, but as Xiaphas already confers zealot to his unit you could throw out Prescience to a large Tactical Squad to soften up any nearby units with shooting before charging them with whatever combat unit you have Xiaphas joined to. Equally you could cast it onto another assault unit and have both squads reroll to hit. This power could also be cast onto a vehicle around you before you charge in the assault phase for better scatter (Medusas) or Anti-Tank fire. It might take some thought but you can defiantly get some nasty tricks out of this.

However with great power comes… great limitations. Xiaphas Jurr only counts as a measly LD7 when rolling for Perils of the Warp test. This defiantly hurts.

Also oddly enough, in contrast to Cassian Dracos’ rule, Xiaphas Jurr cannot be warlord if Cassian is in the army.

Finally, he has a pretty meh warlord trait where you can re-roll your first failed morale or pinning test of the game.

Overall Xiaphas is an excellent HQ choice for salamanders that buffs your army in multiple ways. He's not without drawbacks and risks but overall Xiaphas is an outstanding choice for all sized battles. (Also he might be worth looking at in an allied Salamanders force)

Friday, 17 June 2016

Salamanders HQ Pt1

Salamanders HQ Characters

Good morning!

Today we’re looking at Salamanders HQ Characters, which in my personal opinion are pretty good.

Kicking off we have Lord Chaplin Nomus Rhy’tan. This guy is pretty awesome. He’s a Master of the Legion Chaplin with Artificer Armour, WS6, 3 Attacks and Ld10. Downside? BS4. 
He’s not cheap, though. Coming in at just over 200 points he’s one of the most expensive characters around. That's not to say he’s not worth it, quite far from it. 

Coming fully equipped with Artificer Armour, Iron Halo, Combi-Flamer and with the Zealot rule (chaplains a chaplain after all). Zealot is awesome. Re-rolls for Firedrakes in combat? Yes, please! If Zealot isn’t good enough Rhy’tan confers his amazing Ld10 to all friendly units within 12” (yes this does mean allies; Solar Auxilla, Allied Space Marines (of which Sallies have lots of) and Militia (who have terrible LD normally)).

As the regent of Nocturne during the Isstavan “incident” Rhy’tan is the keeper of the keys to the legion’s dreadnoughts. This allows you to take a non-compulsory Dreadnought Talon as an HQ slot. This is any type so you could have 3 Leviathans as your non-compulsory HQ choice. Now these guys can’t be warlord but who cares, you can have Leviathans as HQ. This does help for the 2nd Mission Onslaught, where deployment is staggered and HQ is the second to last section. 

As if this guy wasn’t awesome enough, he comes with an awesome relic for his melee weapon; Darkstar Falling. This is an awesome weapon. Somewhere in between a Thunderhammers, a power maul and a Chainfist. That's right, all 3! Darkstar Falling is a +2 str, ap2 Armourbane, Concussive hammer of death. Yeah, it’s awesome. Now it is two-handed so no +1 attacks for having a bolt pistol. 

Consider that he benefits from his own Zealot, this guy makes for an amazing combat character. You can actually be sending him against the likes of Praetors as Rhy’tan has a Mantle of the Elder Drake. With concussive Rhy’tan can possibly duel with a Primarch for a turn or two. Eternal warrior on this guy is insane! You’d still be better served by accepting a challenge with the Firedrake-master and then smashing the Primarch with the rest of the squad and Rhy’tan for the first turn. This way you keep your Zealot conferring model alive for as long as possible. 

In terms of unit combos, I’d be running Nomus with Stormshield/Thunderhammer wielding Firedrakes together in an assault transport and I’d be hunting down threat units like HQ, Monsters, Tanks and Primarchs. 

Now, considering his high points cost and the expensive combo unit I’d recommend bringing this guy in higher point games where his use as a point hunter is more justified and there will be more targets to go after. 

Overall; a great choice, possibly one for higher point games but a very competitive choice for buffs, survivability and combat power.

Cassian Dracos

Previous first commander of the Salamanders interned into a Dreadnought Sarcophagus. This an even more expensive HQ choice, who great news; can’t be attached to a squad. Good news, he doesn’t give up points for Warlord kill, and is not a character! While he looks like normal box-nought with 14/12/10 armour this guy is actually a hard nut to crack. Cassian Dracos is immune to Lance, Armourbane, Melta, Sunder, any rule that reduces or permanently degrades his armour values AND anything that gets to roll an extra D6 for armour penetration (so Primary weapon and ordnance?). This is awesome, if only he wasn’t a Walker. As per walker rules, Cassian can only move 6” + charge distances a turn/Run moves. This sucks. Cassian can’t join squads and can’t really be transported by anything under a super heavy class/LOW.

Not only is he almost impossible to damage, Cassian Dracos has IT WILL NOT (F**KING) DIE. This guy is ridiculously survivable. Not only that, he has Venerable as well, so your penetrating hit, that's a glance now

Will he may not be great for small games, in games where you can bring the new Mastodon tank he could actually be great. Pack that thing with Cassian (make him your only HQ choice so he can be warlord) and Firedrake Terminators with Stormshields. T4 2+/3++ with a 5+++ FNP save for being within 3” of Cassian (his warlord trait). This is one bubble of deathy awesomeness.

Cassian comes with 2 heavy flamers (Str6 because salamanders) which as a gimmick, can be fired as a melta gun if both weapons are on line. This is pretty neat as Cassian can go horde clearing for your Firedrakes. Not only that, but Cassian can opt to deal one Str6 Ap4 hit on every model in base contact at I1. RIP Solar Auxilia. 

With 4(5) attacks with Dreadnought Close Combat weapons and the sunder rule, Cassian can quite happily take on that tank that’s carrying the unit you want to charge with your Firedrakes.

All in all Cassian Dracos is another good HQ choice for larger games. He is not viable without a transport, but with one, and a retinue he can be a formidable force to fight against.

Salamanders HQ choices are very solid, maybe best for high point games but very dangerous.

That's it for this time, more to come for Salamanders HQ once I’ve done some digging into the new book.

Thanks for reading and Happy Wargaming

Friday, 10 June 2016

Salamanders Special Units

Now that you have an idea on how our friendly space pyro's work, let's take a look at their special units.

These two units serve very different purposes in a Salamander army and as such will be more or less effective depending on your army composition and direction.

Okay, so kicking off we have Pyroclasts. These guys are artificer armoured pseudo terminators. Coming with artificer armour and a 5++ invulnerable against melta, plasma, flamer and Volkite weapons these guys are pretty well protected. (I don't see the last two being overly helpful but it's nice to have, I guess...)

With basic marine stats, these guys don't have an awful amount going for them besides their apparent durability. Coming with flamer weapons, Pyroclasts come equipped with basic flamers (Str5 because of Promethean Gift), but with a twist, they may also make a 6" melta attack at Str6.

In my honest opinion, this attack is nearly worthless. At a 6" max range you're only going to get the extra D6 within 3", and with only Str6 the average score is 13, meaning you're only going to be penetrating the side and rear armour of light-medium vehicles. Given the short range of these weapons, it's frankly unlikely that you'll get in range of your target before you get shot up.

You can take a land raider to mitigate this range issue but that land raider is probably better spent on a unit that will be more effective.

While they can be effective anti-horde, Heavy Support Squads do this for 10 points less and have Str6 so they'll be causing instant death. Yes, they don't have 2+ armour but really I don't see that being such a major issue against horde armies.

Overall a relatively weak choice from my perspective. I'd rather have 6 flamer equipped marines with a promethium pipeline for torrent than 5 flamer marines with a 2+ save and a nearly useless melta attack. Flamer marines shouldn't really be under attack from heavy weapons and should be in cover anyway so they don't really need a 5++ invulnerable save.

In the above example, you can have 6 marines with flamers with a promethium pipeline for a 4+ cover save (that will blow up on a 6+ if you make a cover save (not destroying the pipe, just doing damage)) (barricades are an option of personal preference. If you don't like cover that explodes on you drop a marine and take the barricades for a 4+ cover and difficult terrain) all with Torrent on their flamers. Or, you can take 5 marines with a 2+/5++ equipped with normal flamers and a 6" Str6 melta attack.

Personally, I’d be taking the pipeline squad as they have Scoring and do not take up a Heavy Support Slot

Moving on to one of the best units in the from all heresy forces (I think), Firedrake Terminators!

Terminators with 2 wounds and Cataphractii pattern armour for a glorious 4++ invulnerable save. Already pretty appealing. Add to that Implacable Advance (so Scoring) and you have a pretty awesome unit.

With the option of Powerfists, Chainfists and Thunderhammers, these guys are perfect for squashing that annoying little 2+ save, multi-wound FnP death star your opponent keeps bringing.

With concussive Thunder Hammers, Firedrakes make for good Primarch or Monster hunters. With Chainfists, drakes make for excellent vehicle hunters, and with ap2 and str8 they are more than able to deal with whatever payload that Spartan Assault Tank was carrying.

As if this all wasn't enough, these guys can get, Drumroll........... Storm Shields! That's right, these guys can get the dreaded 3++ save.

Charging out of their own Spartan tank with Stormshields and Chainfists/Thunderhammers (based on opposing list) you can be sure they'll shred whatever they came to shred and you can bet that your opponents entire list will swing around to kill them, freeing the rest of your list from fire for at least a turn.

Another option I particularly like is giving these guys a Kharybdis Drop pod, this 20 man drop pod can carry a full squad or 9 and someone else (I’ll come back to that), Deep Strike in, move as a flyer, do damage to everyone near it with its Fire blast attack. Then you sink like hell for the enemy turn (they’ll be hitting on 6’s as its a flyer), fly up on your turn and drop out the payload on top of whatever poor target you selected.

As this unit is quite expensive you’ll want to have them going after priority targets, not generic joe squads. Drive or drop these guys into the hardest part of the enemy (timing can be important with the pod, you’ll want at least 1 other pod so it does come in turn one when it's isolated), rip and tear the expensive core of the enemy army while the rest of your list targets the weakest sections wolf pack style. This gives your opponent a nearly impossible choice; ignore the giant 2 wound terminators with str8 ap2 running amok in their lines and defend their dying support and scoring units or, take out the Terminators but sacrifice their support and scoring units.

In an ideal world this can cause castle ups, which is awesome as you can spring from assault to assault without having to footslog, and, it gives you near total control of the mid-field and your deployment zone. Meaning you’re free to capture mission objectives and score points while your opponent is boxed into their starting area.

The drop pod version of this tactic is more difficult and relies on a highly mobile force that can ensure that the terminators aren’t isolated. Because of this I recommend a full drop pod army, with either light forces coming in turn one to establish a beachhead and some rear board presence before the heavy units come in, or heavy units come in turn one, charge turn 2, allowing your light units to drop in and score without the fear of destruction.

The favourite nasty tactic for Firedrakes is to attach a Primus Medicae to them inside their transport. This adds an extra layer of protection in the form of 5+++ FnP on top of their armoured transport, their 2+ armour and their 2 wounds. Additionally, with to the new space marine powers (which at the time of writing are HH legal) you can add a Librarian rolling on Geokinesis for Earth Blood. This gives the unit ITWND and replenishes the wounds of a nearby character (Lib or Firedrake Master). By adding either (or both if you’re a real jerk ;D) you can dramatically increase the durability of this squad to stupid levels.

Finally, they can be taken as a bodyguard unit for Vulkan, which gives you an extra slot (as this bodyguard unit exists outside the FOC)

Overall; this unit is one of the strongest Legion Specific units in the Horus Heresy Expansion and one of the most versatile assault units. With options for both anti TEQ/Monster/Primarch or anti-Vehicle war gear, this unit can bring the pain of any expensive enemy unit (and if you’re playing Alpha Legion it’s defiantly worth a steal through Coils of the Hydra). While this unit needs a transport, it is one of the strongest units and capable of easily earning it points back when pointed at the right targets.

Salamanders’ special units are a (50/50) mix of pretty garbage and amazing. Their Pyroclasts are equally gimmicky as Word Bearer Ashen Circle and their Terminators are on par or better than Gal Vorbak, depending on play style and use.

I would strongly encourage you to look at fitting in Firedrakes into your army if and where you can. Pyroclasts, not so much.

That's all from me for now, final thoughts on Salamanders are incoming, looking at both Rites and their Characters in due time.
Until then, Happy Wargaming you crazy pyromaniac space marines.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Salamanders Legion Overview

As you might have noticed, I haven't been posting lately. Life has been doing it's best to get in my way. Back now, posts might be a tad irregular but there should be plenty coming. Now, to the salamanders!

Salamanders are the 18th* legion of the first founding. They're maybe the nicest space marines and they're also religious pyromaniacs!

Salamander infantry units all benefit from what is essentially a free Legion Vexilla. This re-roll for leadership is not only amazing but it nets you 10 points for every infantry unit that would have had to buy one. It also affects those units who couldn't have brought a Vexilla anyways. Also, they automatically pass Fear checks so yay!

However, these guys are slow, and I mean annoyingly slow. Salamanders suffer a -1 penalty to any Run, Charge and do not add their Initiative to sweeping advance rolls. This last one, in particular, is massive! Sweeping advances are huge in 30k so be aware, and avoid conflict whenever you can if it's anything but an unfair fight.

Yes, you're less likely to be swept because of your leadership re-roll, but in the event that you lose, you will almost certainly be overrun.

This is painful, very much so, and annoyingly you cant just sit back and open fire like Iron Hands can. Your weapons of choice are flamers, which require you to be up in the enemies face. Now, if you're wondering why you'd want flamers given they're so short ranged you're doing it right.

Here's why:

Salamanders and their vehicles all gain an awesome +1 str for all flamer weapons. This is amazing! Hand flamers are now no longer shitty Str3, your flamers are now Heavy Flamers, your heavy flamers are now Instant Death-ing Solar Auxilla (or Rad-Phage-d marines) and ignoring their Armour Save and any Feel No Pain rolls. (marines not included please make further purchase of Allied Malacdor Inferrus Tank from Solar Auxilla, Salamander's rules not included or compatible, other T&C may apply, subject to personal choice).

Not only that but; Salamanders (infantry and vehicles) take less damage from Flamers in the form of a -1Str penalty to all flamer hits inflicted. This means Death Guard might actually do equal or more damage to themselves when shooting at you*. This also means that your light av tanks cannot get glanced by Flamer weapons (Av10 v Str4 Flamer, Av11 v Heavy Flamer) The rule is situational but nice.

*not tested or math-hammered, purely based off individual dice rolls/luck, this blog takes no responsibility for your dead plastic soldiers.

Despite their obsession with fire, Salamanders don't like Phosphex weapons, Destroyers or Moritat Centurions. None of the above may be taken by a Salamanders Primary Detachment (but apparently allies are fine? alrighty then) (that's what allies are for, and Sally's are pretty loved by everyone).

As for what upgrades and legion war-gear Salamanders get access to, their characters all have 5-point master-crafted everything. Master-crafted Las Cannon sir? 10 point discount Mr Praetor? You may only master-craft a single weapon but who need that super bolt pistol anyway. (Yes this does include allied Salamander Moritats with Twin Infernus Pistols! I never said I was nice.)

Models in Terminator armour or Salamanders Independent Characters have access to the much hated Storm Sheild. Now, it's not as bad as 40k's Storm Sheilds (yet, wait for it). It only improves your Invulnerable Save by +1 (to a maximum of 3++, I see you there Mr Deathstar) or confers a 5++ save if you didn't have one before. For characters not in TDA, it costs a minor 10 points but for TDA hulking space soldiers it costs and even more measly 5 points! (replacing combi-bolter) (bonus attack from having two weapons gets removed, just buy a specialist weapon or something two handed (a-la Paragon Blade, Powerfist/Chainfist). Add this to Cataphractii Pattern armour and suddenly you have the much loved/hated 3++ assault terminators of 40k

This is why people hate Salamanders.

If a 3++ terminator master-crafted praetor wasn't enough you can buy them (Praetors and only Praetors), Eternal Warrior! For 20 points you can buy them a cloak of drake scale which makes them nearly impossible to put down (add FNP to milk tears).

Finally, any twin-linked Bolters or Heavy Bolters may be replaced with Twin Linked (Shred) Flamers or Heavy Flamers respectively for free. Sweet!

Looking at nasty little unit combos, we can create:

Death by Fire!
Considering the Flamer benefits for Salamanders, one of the best additions to a Salamanders force is a 10 man Heavy Support Squad with Heavy Flamers in front of a Promethium Pipeline (barricades so you get a cover save that won't blow you up). This gives your Heavy Support squad torrent of their str6 flamers. Take a librarian rolling on Divination for misfortune and this unit will literally destroy anything it sets it sights on. Even without the Librarian this is not a unit to be taken lightly and your opponent should have plenty of good reasons to avoid anywhere near it, overall an excellent area denial unit combo for a relatively small cost. 

That Dead Baneblade Over There?
Taking a Kharybdis assault claw filled with 10 Firedrake terminators will certainly not buy you any points for the nice guy prize but it will certainly wreak havoc on your opponent's army and bring down that armoured vehicle you absolutely need dead yesterday. Arm them up with chain fists, give a few Storm-shields (yes you read that right storm shields in 30k, more on that to come) and if you're feeling spicy give the rest combi-Meltas for that extra anti-vehicle punch. RIP your buddies new Questorius Knight/Titan model!

Or if you're up against the new Mechanicum unit, drop in a bunch armed with Thunder Hammers and drop that giant robot/cyborg/thing to I1 and smash it to tiny pulpy bits.

Your 1st Rite is somewhat tactically limiting, but if you were going in that vein there's very little reason not to choose it.

Your vehicles gain a 5++ against Melta, Plasma, Flamers, Volkite and uniquely Melta Bombs. This is pretty awesome and is effectively the best excuse to break out the super heavies (for under 2000, I'd take the Plasma blast gun super heavy tank for fluffy-ness, and you know, giant ap2 blasts of death)

All your units get the Move Through Cover USR. Free dozer blades! Again take vehicles!

Any basic Melta weapons get master-crafted (read Melta gun/Multi Melta/Inferno Pistol). Nice addition but be wary of armoured ceramite. If your opponent isn't packing tanks or has brought his heat shield plating this is pretty much useless. Nice bonus but not really a competitive edge.

Pyroclasts can now be non-compulsory troops. Again nice but not game breaking. Frees up a heavy support slot which is important because...

You may only take a total number of Fast Attack and Heavy Support equal or less than your number of troop choices. Read Rhino Tactical and Support Marines.

Breacher Marines could also be a strong choice but remember that they already suffer from -1 run distances due to void armour, so you will suffer -2" to their run distances. They can take Land Raiders so do that (vehicles that will be getting free dozer blades and 5++ invol saves against most heat energy based weapons as described above.

No deep striking units (therefore no drop pods or other must deep strike units). No Death from Above Firedrakes -sadface-.

No fortifications, so no death by super heavy support Flamers, again -sadface-. This isn't as bad as this Rite encourages vehicles anyway but still detrimental

Overall a nice Rite that offers some bonuses for an army already going in that direction but otherwise very restrictive.

That's it for this week, stay tuned for my next update where I'll  be looking at the Salamanders' special unit choices and their new Rite as of the most recent book (bear in mind I don't have a copy of that so if there's anything wrong with my interpretation of it please let me know in the comments and I will address that. Following that, Salamanders HQ characters.

Thanks for reading and Happy Wargaming
Meros out

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Primarch Vulkan of the Salamanders

Enter Vulkan, Lord of the Salamanders Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, The Hammer of Salvation, Lord of Volcanos, Smith of Zeus... wait a second...

Alrighty, after much stalling and life getting in the way we have Vulkan!

Making up for lost time let's get right into it!

Vulkan takes the cake as one of the most enduring Primarchs, with 2+/3++ armour, rerolls on failed ITWND rolls toughness 7! AND REDUCES THE STRENGHT OF VOLKILITE, PLASMA, MELTA/FUSION AND FLAMER WEAPONS FIRED AT HIM BY HALF!! HALF! Rounding down, he laughs at your petty strength 3 plasma weapons.

Vulkan gives out one of the best leadership buffs in the game, conferring to his WHOLE ARMY (Legion Astartes, Salamanders) +1LD and Adamantium Will. Considering that there is no ATSKNF in 30k, army wide +1LD is amazing.

This means that if you lose combat (your a Salamander so combat in st really your thing anyway) you're much less likely to flee and be cut down. Combined with Salamander's legion rule which serves as a free Vexilla and you'll pretty much never flee with Vulkan on your side.

Also with 40k lists spamming Psykers and Word Bearers being able to cast powers and take daemon allies (and hopefully new Thousand Sons coming out soon) Adamantium Will is nice to have in your back pocket.

Giving Scoring Fire Drakes +1LD and adamantium will is nothing to laugh at, 2+ armour 3++ Invol, 2 wounds and LD-10 makes for an annoyingly hard to remove unit. The same goes for Pyroclasts (note; not scoring unless taken as part of Covenant of Fire Rite of War).

Vulkan's Hammer, Mjolnir... sorry I mean Dawn Breaker is freaking amazing. Str10 Instant Death, Concussive, Armourbane and it's NOT UNWEIDLY. Your opponent brought a Spartan hahaha gone. Sicarian Tanks getting you down, problem solved.

Also as a bonus, Vulkan can ground pound for a Str8 ap3 blast template in combat for horde killing. Because it does not require a roll to hit, this can be used against invisible opponents (situational with Ap3 but nice to have in your tool box)

Vulkan will need his own transport but luckily it will probably be OBSIDIAN FORGED (invol against Melta, Plasma and Volkite considered from Sal' right of war).

Vulkan also has a heavy flamer which is strength 6 because Salamanders love FIRE and 18" str8 ap2 beam weapon for elite infantry clearing, making him one of the most shooty Primarchs. Again because this weapon doesn't need a roll to hit it can be used against invisible opponents.

With his insane durability, Vulkan can actually make a good choice for the Primarch's Chosen rite of war (Primarch as HQ rather than LoW, meaning you ignore the 25% restrictions LOW, the drawback is if the Primarch dies nothing scores -will post about these new rites at some point-).

Fun bonus tip, with Vulkan taking Pride of the Legion rite of war you can have a grand total of 10 units of Fire Drake Terminators; 3 HQ, 6 Troops and 1 more as a body guard for Vulkan. Probably never practical but fun none the less, bonus points if they're all in Spartans!

That wraps it up for Vulkan, thanks for reading and I look forward to working on Salamanders.

Any suggestions for the next legions? I'm thinking Night Lord's and Raven Guard in light of Corax's recent release.

"It is in our nature to make things that will outlast us. So we strive, we craft, we build, we make and fight and we do not yield. For within each fragile human body born is the will to grasp the stars and walk a path onto eternity it's self."

-Excerpt for the Book of Vulkan

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Word Bearers synergy, combos and don't take units


As all legions can be said to wield the same weapon, it is up to you to wield that weapon in a way that will grant you victory (there's the dice too i guess, but come on that sounded cool). This is where making sure you use your legion rules is so important.

With the Word Bearers you are looking at getting into the assault with your opponent. With the rules that WBs have you will be better at sweeping enemy units, and they will be less likely to sweep you. Becaus of this you want to ensure that all of our units can make use of these rules. Take Tartarous terminators, Veteran squads/Assault squads with Power Swords. 

Because of our extra Chaplin/consul we need to create body guard squads for both of them, this is where WBs get expensive (points wise). Bikes are good as they are fast harassment units which can close down the flanks as your troops go down the middle. Diabolists cannot join them as they can't take bikes. Jet bikes are too expensive for my liking but they could be effective, but as they have heavy weapons you want to keep them out of the assault so they can use them. Doesn't work with WBs. Veteran squads are excellent with a min squad size of 5. Assault marines are also very good (you can't take any special characters with them though). Only veterans let you take special characters with them.

You could attach them to large blobs of tacticals but they will be slow and best at holding a position. Goes against WB style. Rhinos are questionable, they prevent characters from joining the unit, and you can't assault out of them. If you take rhinos take them in mass, get out, Wrath of The Legion your opponent, if there's 2 close units fire multiple squads at one target to bring them down. This part is the problem: you will now have to weather the return fire and the potential charge. You want to be placing your units 11&1/2 inches away from your opponent: 6inch move, 7inch average charge =11inches. This will just keep you in rapid fire range for 40 bolter shots. Either you will have scared your opponent off the objective or he will have moved closer to your unit, making for an easier charge.

Armoured spearhead sounds like a good way to get assault vehicles, but without the vehicle focussed rules if other legions like iron hands, these guys will be normal land raiders (still excellent in all sense of the word), but this tactic will mean that you haven't spent your points in the units that make use of our rules. Land raiders can't sweeping attack and don't have morale problems. 

Use your rhinos to use the above tactic to get our opponents off objectives, put your veterans in land raiders. 

Drop pods are good. Legion drop pods don't force you to disembark turn one and are assault vehicles for turn two. This is awesome, it does make you weak turn one with a smaller force in the table and can make you vulnerable to bad reserve rolls. Your opponent will need to bring heavy weapons against you to get rid of your objective securing pods as bolters can scratch them. And they will have to run away from them as there is no benefit from being near them when you come out turn two. Take Hol Beloth because he is cheaper than a paragon blade master crafted laser fist preator and will instant death them in combat with his power fist and most importantly he has master of the legion, unlocking Orbital Strike.

Your characters get psychic powers this is awesome because at time of writing no other legion has good psychic. Librarians are supporting officers and therefore don't count as compulsory HQ choices. We are the best psychic legion. Psychic shriek off telepathy is very nice and give you a chance at terrify (which supports our sweeping, but could make them run out of charge distance so be careful) invisibility speaks for it's self. Dominate is good as it can prevent over watch or return fire or counter assaults. 

Biomancy is awesome on characters: relentless tacticals yes please. They also have a 4+ FNP, awesome. Biomancy is very good, makes your characters better in challenges, give unit buffs and has some nice ap2 witchfires (one of which heals other characters). 

Demons are an amazing addition to Word Bearer forces. Blood letters are king; cheap, efficient and spamable. This is especially pronounced in smaller games where there just isn't enough fire power to take them down. Skarbrand is awesome, he will destroy anything that looks his way and gives all of you're units (and the enemies) Rage and Hatred, saving points in Dark Channeling and Locus' with Heralds.

Plague Bearers and nurglings are also amaizng objective holders, alowing your main forces to advance without having to run back and hold objectives.

Thanks for reading. 

It's always death, with you. Who needs to die this time? Whose death will set fate along the path you choose?
Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden pg 222 

Word Bearer special/unique units (I do not rate them)


As I wrap up with the word bearers, here is my overview of their Legion specific units.

So starting off we have the Ashen Circle: WS 5 assault marines all with hand flamers (str3 ap6 so they're pretty bad) and special chain axes, which reduce fall back distances by one inch (only ap4). Not great as it means they're closer to you for a counter charge but then again you have 5-10 hand flamers so charging you isn't really the best idea.

They can all get power axes for 5 points but as they only have 3+ armour terminators and ultramarine 2+ squads are going to eat you for breakfast before you get to attack at initiative 1 this may not be as good as it sounds.

When Ashen Circle deep strike, units within d6 take damage from their flamers, nice, but not that game breaking. Their hammer of wrath counts as flame damage so it's less effective against salamaders. Over all pretty meh. Can't be joined by HQ because they have the same rule as destroyers. Can purchase phospherex grenades, doesn't do a lot for them. 

Ashen circle are supposed to attack the things that give the enemy morale. Yet you can't burn down banners and they don't have ap3/2 on intitive so they can't kill HQ or bodyguard squads effectively. Over all I do not rate this sqaud, even as troops with Zaylak. (Dark channeling doesn't make up for how meh this unit is).

Honestly an expensive unit that loses most of its bite against a tactical squad of 15 is not a winner in my books.

Ashen Circle
Kill 3 with hand flamers
-1 to over watch
Kill 1.5 HoW

Kill 2.6666666667 Chain Axes
- 1.5833333333 return combat
Kill 5.7777777778 Power Axes
-1 Sergeant return combat

- 3.5833333333
Kill 11.4444444445

Win combat by: 7.8611111112

 2.77777778% Rally Chance (snake eyes for LD)

Odds of sweeping 66.66666667%

64.8148148166% winning combat.


Gal Vorbak:

2 wounds (3 on the sergeant) Str/toughness and Initative 5, weapons skill 5 demon marines the size of terminators. Awesome. One problem, 3+ save 5++ invol. These guys are wanta be terminators with 2 wounds and higher toughness.

They are good, they have deep-strike, cause fear and are fearless. A better option stick them in a spartan or land raider Phobos and charge them into TACTICALS, never charge a squad with lots of power swords. These guys will go down even with T5, the 5++ helps but against a veteran squad with power swords you will be massacred (especially if they charge you with furious charge).

You can take 1 in 5 weapons like melta guns (don't you'll waste shooting) or power swords (TAKE THESE). The captain can take lighting claws or a Power Fist. Power Fist is probably your best bet as it goes to str10, with rending. Unlike Sergeants the Dark Mytar has T5 and 3 wounds so he can easily afford to go last.

These guys have rending, which counters their lack of ap anything when they come stock. This doesn't mean you can charge terminators, it just means that you will be better against marines.

Coupled with Rage and 2 CQC weapons each model has a whopping 5 attacks each, meaning you can expect a decent amount of rending hits.
Also nice little gimmick is they have bolt pistols so they can shoot unlike 40k possessed.

Over all a good unit but one that needs to be upgraded before its any good.

A full squad can convincingly take out a large Tac squad in one round of combat.
My preferred load out is for a full squad: DM with Art armour and a Power Fist, 7 stock Gal Vorbak and 2 Gal Vorbak with Power Swords.

If need be, you can equip them for vehicle hunting, giving them Power Mauls (Str5+2+Rending) and a Powerfist (Str10+Rending)

Finally we have the Mal Ghara contemptor dreadnought. This guy is very expensive points wise so make sure you know what you want him to do.

 The rules for this guy seem to contradict how WBs work: he damages near by demons and psykers. Two of the main things that sets WBs apart from the other legions by having. *facepalm*

With 4 attacks on the charge at Str 10 he is nasty in the assault. Don't put him in combat with marines they will just tie down your expensive model all game. Charge tanks and blow them up.

He has a nice rule where you have to reroll successful invulnerable saves in close comabt with him if he has his close combat weapon. Also you must test for morale of the unit suffers ANY casualties from his shooting. Can take a plasma cannon, multi melta and auto cannon with this rule (las cannon doesn't get this rule). This rule is nice but you want your enemy to be close to you with Word Bearers as they are an assault legion.

Over all I don't rate the Word Bearer special units (Expetion for Gal Vorbak). Unlike their special characters these units are over costed for what they do and don't really give you anything great that normal units couldn't do better for less points.

 I would say don't get these units, invest your points in legion units, give them dark channeling and artificer armour and power Axes, take the WB special characters and buy units that will work together.

This concludes my Word Bearer legion focus, if any new units are released I will come back and do an over view of them. Up next is Iron Hands, followed by their best friends/murderers the glorious Emperors Children. 

Hope you enjoyed this first legion overview, and I look forward to creating more.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Primarch Mortarion!

Alrighty... after a far too long wait... The Grim Reaper of the Great Crusade, The Pale King, The Primarch of the Death Guard, Mortarion the Reaper has arrived

-EDIT: MINOR SPACING FIXES AND WEEKENDER OFFICIALISING (is that a word? Close enough, you know what I mean)

Mortarion is one of the more pricy Primarchs, but boy does he come with a lot of tricks. First of Mortarion has 7 wounds and a toughness of 7, a step up from the normal primarch statline of T6,W6. Not only is he tougher, Mortarion Re-rolls any failed IWND rolls, making him even tougher! Not a problem you say, I'll just shoot at him with my Sniper Veteran Squad or my Poisoned Dark Eldar fleet... Not so fast! Mortarion is only wounded by weapons that wound on a fixed roll on a 6, meaning Sniper, Poison and Fleshbane weapons are nearly useless against him. This guy is nails.

To add to Mortarion's resilience, he is equipped with The Barbaran Plate, conferring Cataphractii level saves (its not actually Cataphractii TDA but the saves are the same)

 Continuing on Mortarion's wargear, old Morty is equipped with a massive Death Guard Power Scythe that works exactly the same but with the added rules; Sunder and Instant Death. When combined with Mortarion's 6(7, see below) attacks on the charge this will pretty much ruin any character's day, unless they have Eternal Warrior, in which case they may just cling to life.

 If you've kept up to date with the newest legion astartes book there have been some changes to Power Scythes: no more unwieldy and Sweeping attack, instead they have -1 initiative and if they're in base contact with more than 1 enemy model they gain +1 attack (yes this does make Mortarion strike at normal marine Initiative, but you were going at I1 before anyway) (this is all Death Guard Power Scythes, making Deathshroud even better, coming to 4 attacks on the charge)

For all your shooting needs Mortarion has an UNLIMITED supply of Phosphex Bombs (12", str5, ap2, blast with some other little rules, read your book if you want to know (just little nuances)) which is AWESOME. 

Mortarion also has a personal side arm in the form of a 18" str8 ap2 energy blaster, which is also AWESOME (also has sunder so feel free to take a pop at vehicles before charging them).

For his special rules Mortarion has the Primarch rule which, you guessed it, all Primarchs have. He also has a fancy little rule called Shadow of the Reaper. This rule reduces enemy LD by -1 for fear checks (eh) and ALLOWS MORTARION TO REDEPLOY WITHIN 10" in the shooting phase if he doesnt run or fire. To do this you have to pass a leadership test, (he's a LD10 PRIMARCH so thats almost a given to pass). If passed Mortarion can be redeployed within 10" of his starting position as long as theres space for him (and no he cant magically bring his unit with him, thats specified as part of the rule, i see you 10 man Deathshroud squad). Just to make this that extra bit more awesome Mortarion can still charge after doing this, but counts as disordered (who cares, with the new rules on Scythes its like he charged anyway (+1 attack if in base contact with 2+ enemy models))

This ironically makes Mortarion the fastest of the walking Primarchs (so excluding Corax, Levitating Lorgar and Sanguinius when he's released #timestamp).

As if he wasnt tough enough Mortarion passes any Deny the Witch roll on a 4(3)+, against Maeldictions. (It's a 3+ cause he also has Adamatium will) Against witchfires it's still a 5+

To finish off Mortarion buffs friendly Death Guard with Stubborn and makes any Frag Grenades, Frag missiles and Havoc launchers poisoned 4+ so yay? Its free so no drawbacks (as these keep their original strength as well you're still wounding punny normal humans (Auxila and Militia/Cults) on a 3+)

Thats it for the data on Mortarion, as for what I'd do with him in games, I'd probably just run him solo and abuse his "teleport" and go hunt Vehicles. While he could go and take on infantry, I'd leave that to your elite units (Deathshrouds come to mind). Mortarion is more likely to make up his points if you go in on the flank (explained below) and ice some vehicles and heavy support squads with his sunder power scythe and then move in to sandwich the enemy with the rest of your army.

Watch as your opponent either swerves off to the side to counter Mortarion (especially after he moves 16" in one turn not counting assault distance) leaving their other flank and now side-on front units open to the rest of your army or they split their army and fire power; reducing the damage your main army takes.

 Moving on the flank also serves to reduce the amount of fire coming at Mortarion (going down the left edge for example means that units on the right side will have a much harder time getting in range and hitting through terrain in the other 2 strips (left, middle & right))

This tactic can be amplified further by sending in a Xiphon Interceptor before Morty hits the enemy vehicles to reduce their Hull points, meaning you're much more likely to destroy your target vehicle

(Mortarion is vulnerable to mass Las-cannon fire, deepstriking sucide melta/plasma squads so keep that in mind when playing him.)

Thats it for Mortarion, now onto his Loyalist brother; Vulkan and his Pyromanic legion the Salamaders!

Just as an FYI, I'll be doing some overhauls on previous posts that are affected by the Weekender, namely Emperor's Children and Death Guard. After that I'll be doing a post on the new Legion Rites, the new Generic Rites and their Synergies with Legions I have reviewed (and I'll cover any rites I didn't cover for legions before) so my apologies if you're waiting for Salamaders and bear with me while I make these adjustments. EDIT: Resolved

Thanks for reading!

-Argel Tal

Monday, 15 February 2016

Primarchs: Ferrus Manus, Fulgrim and Lorgar

-minor updates across this post-

Now that Iron Hands are finished, I will be moving onto Emperor's Children, the great exemplars of war and perfection. And how better to transition than by comparing their Primarchs.

As Lords Of War, in the Age Of Darkness Force Org they may only make up less than 25% of your army cost. This with their high point cost they can only be used in larger games. (Generally 2000+ point games) Even as they are very powerful they are best used to enhance something your army already does well (hopefully reflected in your choice of legion and army lists). 

Kicking off with Lorgar as a missed out on him before: With 4 base attacks +1 for a pistol and +1 for charging, and Str 6+2(mace) and Ap he is a considerable force CQC (not as powerful as the other primarchs but he will stomp almost any other HQ). But what he does best is enhance your legionaries. Lorgar confers +1 combat resolution and +1 charge distance and ignores fear to all legion astartes Word Bearers who can draw line of sight to him. Also all Word Bearers may use his leadership if he isn't embarked in a transport, all of which is awesome

Stock Lorgar is a ML2 psyker who harnesses on a 5+, drawing from telekinesis and divination. If you purchase the 75 point upgrade (boarder line mandatory) he becomes ML3, harnesses on a 3+ which is totally AWESOMESAUCE, and he can CHOOSE HIS POWERS. Combined with adamantium will he has a 3+ deny to all ML2 and below psykers and 4+ against any ML3. His armour is 2+,4++ and it goes to a 3++ against force weapons and psychic powers (meaning he will never die to psychic anything) (also he is currently the only psychic Primarch). 

With precognition he just will not die, and there are some other nice powers IE Psychic Shriek which is amazing at erasing terminators and marines due to it ignoring armour saves! The Haywire telekinesis power is very nice as it hits the whole squadron and as a maldiction it automatically hits flyers, making Lorgar able to dish out the pain to armoured columns.

Also as he can pick his psychic powers every game you're free to pick and choose based on what you're up against.

Ferrus Manus: the most bad a** mechanic in 30k-40k. He has a 3+ battlesmith which is actually 2+ because of his servo arm. Vehicles near him will never die. (Do this when needed, but do other things as he is far to expensive to be just a super mechanic). Vehicles with atleast one facing with Av13+ in the same army as Ferrus gain IWND, which stacks with Blessed Autosimulcra, making you're armoured columns insanely tough, Spartan tank anyone? 

Any friendly Iron Hands astartes in an army with Ferrus gain a 6+FnP, which all together with Involite armour means that an army with this guy will be extremely hard to shift, infantry of mechanised.

Ferrus makes high armour lists extremely strong. A powerful tactic would be to run him as part of an Armoured Breakthrough Rite of War for plenty of fast Predator tank squadrons all with IWND and Blessed Autosimulcra.

With his higher toughness (7 instead of the normal primarch 6), 2+ save IWND, many wounds and -1 Str for shooting against him almost nothing will damage Ferrus outside of combat. Like his army this guy will not budge. Taking him will make your space marines tougher than Necrons. Terminators with -1str from shooting, 2+, 4++ and a 6+ FnP anyone? Breachers with 3+, 5/6++ 6+FnP and -1 Str and defensive grenades?! Armoured columns with IWND, Blessed Autosimulcra for a potential regen of 2 hull points per turn!

With Toughness 7 and -1srt for all incoming shooting Ferrus cannot physically be damaged by strenght 4 weapons, al la the BOLT GUN. FERRUS MANUS IS IMMUNE TO BOLT GUNS, this is awesome! Enjoy your practically immortal Primarch *coughcoughFulgrimcough*

Just don't lose your head over his abilities. *que comedic drum/symbol noise*

Next everyone's favourite perfectionist: Fulgrim! The most noticeable thing about this guy is his insanely high Intitive and Weaon Skill, both 8! As if Fulgrim's 6 attacks on the charge wasn't high enoughm he gains an extra attack for each point that his Initiative is higher than his opponent's in a challenge. Meaning he has 10 attacks versus generic characters and 8 versus praetors.

Fulgrim comes with a rule similar to Emperor's Children characters, it forces him to accept and issue challenges, provided there is a challenger with weapon skill 5 or higher. But really there's no reason not to as Fulgrim only gets better in a challenge. 

To add to Fulgrim's combat prowess he has Crusader, meaning he sweeps at I8+D6+D3!

His stock weapon is surprisingly lacklustre for a Primarch weapon with only Str user (has rending +Ap2 so yay?). But that doesn't matter cause you're taking Fireblade, you are taking this right? its a 0 point upgrade and like 10 times better. +2 Str, Ap2 specialist weapon and instant death on roll of 5/6 to wound. (He becomes str8 anyway but helps versus bikers and Magos'es)

Not only is Fulgrim an amazing CQC Primarch, he also confers +2* wound score for any Emperor's Children astartes in combat and himself, which is AWESOME. Which when combined with a special Emperor's childern Dreadnought is a 24 inch bubble of +1, gives your army +3 for wound score. Awesome. Add this to crusader and Fulgrim will curb stomp all the things

Also he can chose his warlord trait from crusade or strategic. (you can give units within 6" +1 to wound score, seeing a trend? +4 WOUND SCORE!). With Fulgrim you can lose comabt and still win it. (Extra points if you take Pheonix Termiantors so draws count as victories) 

Most of the warlord traits are a bit mediocre, but there are some really awesome ones; Rerolling ones to wound with Pheonix Terminators, Outflanking d3 units +3 more for Maru Skara on turn 2 (Maru Skara you can pick turn of arrival and normal reserves can be rerolled with Fulgrim) is awesome for a combat army, as is +1 to seize, shred on D3 template/blast (both small and large variety, medusa tanks, plasma cannon support?). Pick as necessary.

Fulgrim's armour is so fabulous that any time he makes a save of a 6, the unit that targeted him must pass a blind test, making them WS1 (all the better to CQC them with). 10 points if you get this on overwatch and blind the unit you're charging

His invulnerable save is a terrible 5++, but it increases to a 3++ in CQC. Because of his low stock invol Fulgrim NEEDS A TRANSPORT, if he's footslogging Fulgrim will eat far too many rending or low Ap shots, reducing him to a kill-able number of wounds. BUY THIS MAN/DEMIGOD/THING A TRANSPORT!

Overall, not only is Fulgrim an amazing CQC model capable of wiping out entire squads by himself with sweeping advances, he also hands out all kinds of candy to your army. This makes him one of the most versatile Primarchs.

That concludes this super Primarch post.
Thanks for reading.
Argel Tal out

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Quad Rapier Emergency! New rules, Phosphex shells!

Though I don't normally review non Legion specific units (as of writing), this has to be shown. Look at the new rules for the Quad Mortar Rapier Batteries.

Those Phosphex shells!! Add world burner = 3+ re-rollable ap3. And each of those templates can be moved 2" as per crawling fire! And the templates stay in play as difficult and dangerous terrain! Holy cow. Only 20 points, they could be 40 and I'd buy that.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Emperors children updates incoming

Hi everyone, you might have noticed some of the Emperors children posts were updated recently, this was because of the changes to Terminator armour, in particular being able to sweeping advance. 

However it looks like my job is not yet done, word from the Weekender is that Emperors Children have some major rules changes as of the upcoming books, namely a legion wide rule where assaulting units gain +1 initiative, Sonic Shriekers now reducing enemy weapon skill and new profiles for Kakophoni weapons (The Cacophany) hearing that it may become Heavy 2 and/or may lose Gets Hot/rite removes Gets Hot. Which in conjunction with relentless and being Troops in the new rite means they will need a total overhaul, especially if the weapon Ap changes.

Also the new rites will an effect how EC builds are made (jump infantry themed one could be used with Eidolon, Palentines and Assault marines (who might get a points reduction, here's hoping)), but I'll probably do a post on each legion I've done already or as a group on how to use and benifits/drawbacks of the new rites of war.

Because of this some more EC material will be rewritten or edited, until then just hold tight while I finish the updates and figure out Salamanders.

Cheers, -Argel Tal

Monday, 18 January 2016

Nathaniel Garro, Knight Errant, Hand of the Sigillite

Hello all, welcome back to the tactica blog. Today we're looking at Malcador's servant, Captain of the Death Guard 7th Battle Company. Nathaniel Garro is an Independent Character HQ choice counting as an agent of the emperor (he may not be warlord however).

Garro's stats are similar to that of a Praetor, but with one less point of weapon skill. His points come in at 75 points more than a stock Praetor. This cost is pretty balenced considering his wargear. (Bear it in mind that as Garro is unattached to any legion I will not be considering his benifits in context to allying to an particular legion force)

Garro comes with an Ap3 sword with rending that causes x2 wounds in a challenge. I myself am not a fan of this, RENDING DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE AP2, Rending relys on number of attacks and considering this is an attack from a single model even 5 attacks (4+1(charge bonus), the sword is twohanded no +1 for 2 CQWs) does not give enough attacks to get reliable wounds. I say this because in combat garro will be hitting on 4s against other HQs, dropping down to 2/3 hits which then will require 6s, which can then be saved against by the defender. This is why im predominantly not keen on Garro.

To combat Garro's weak offensive capability he comes with a super Iron Halo, conferring a 4++ which becomes a 3++ in a challenge. In addition when Garro dies he becomes Saint Celestine (no joke it's practically copy paste from Adepta Sororitus). When Garro dies you roll a leadership test and if it passes he is kept in play with a single wound left.

Keeping with the Rending trend Garro has an Assault 3 Rending Mastercrafted bolt gun. This allows to in theory out shoot other marines but those 3 shots will be against 20 man tactical squads Rending or no Rending. Garro does have precision shot so he can snipe out apothecaries or characters but that relys on 6s to hit and most likely 6s to wound, not good.

Garro's final and cool factor war gear is called; by falsehood cloaked. This wargear allows Garro to deepstrike with no scatter and forces all incoming shots that turn to be snapshots, meaning no Ap1 str10 blasts or Las-Cannons will kill him THAT TURN. This when combined with his resurrect ability and his IMPLACABLE ADVANCE RULE means that he is able to score 2/5 of his special objectives with realtive ease. These are of course Enemy DmZ and score an objective, more on these objectives in a second. This rules combo can net you from 1-3 victory points provided Garro doesnt die before the end of the game.

And now we come to Garro's major drawback (as if he wasnt crap already). At the start of the game you note down 1 of 5 secret objectives (your opponent doesnt know which one). Each one is worth a specific number of VPs if achieved, however if you fail to achieve your objective for Garro you MAY NOT CLAIM A VICTOY, FULL STOP, EVER, AT ALL. Because of this I would always say, pick either 1 or 3 as they are easily achievable considering Garro's ability to preform. These objectives are:

Be in the enemy Deployment Zone at the end of the game (1VP)

Pick another IC, if they survive you get 2VPs

Control an objective (why Implacable Advance is a rule for him), 2VP if the objective is out of
enemy DmZ and 3 if its in enemy DmZ

Kill enemy warlord in a challenge (3VPs)

and Slay a Primarch (3VP), Garro doesnt have to do all the wounds, just land the final blow.

Thanks for reading this little bonus post and Mortariton and Vulkan will be coming up soon. In the mean time Happy Wargaming everyone.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tactica Newflash FaQ Terminators

As of the newest Forge World FaQ Terminators (with unspecified patterns of TDA) can now be equipped with either Cataphractii Pattern Terminator armour or Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour, which in particular (here we go.....) ALLOWS SWEEPING ADVANCES!!!

Also as Grave Wardens and Pheonix Guard Terminators have UNSPECIFIED Terminator armour patterns, meaning they can choose which pattern they want!

Death guard I'd lean towards Cataphractii. However for Pheonix Guard Terminators this is amazing! Take the Tartaros every time. Bettwen their special charge rule which gives them Initiative 5 on the charge and Sonic Shreikers which give +1 for a crazy I6 on the charge (I5 charged). Which combined with Emperor's Children Astartes having Crusader means these guys are insane now!

(For a cheaper and just as effective option take Eilidon and Legion Terminators with Tartaros Pattern Armour and give them all 5pt Pheonix spears (equal to cost of power fist). With Eilidon's shreiker they go at I5 with ap2. With Eilidon going at I7 (5+1 for shreiker & +1 for being in a challenge) and EC having Crusader built in automatically you should be able to sweep almost anyone and anything (barring fearless so avoid that #chaplains). 

This is awesome stuff from Forge World.

One a sad note heresy era drop pod now work the same way as 40k drop pods where disembarkment is forced on arrival (negating assault vehicle on normal pods).

Also this update makes the main advantage of Gal Vorbak (being able to sweep with a durable unit) redundant so RIP them (they still have T5 and 2 wounds so they're not useless by any means But they're kinda meh now)


Thought I'd share this news and give some ideas on how to use the new ruling (expect surprised looks and be prepared to show opponents the FaQ).

If this post seems out of character I'm writing this at a very late hour (I'm a terrible person). Hope some of it made sense & happy wargaming and good night everyone!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Blog Update and Forge World Open Day Link

Hi all, just a quick little blog update for you guys. I've nearly finished my road trip so there will be some new content very soon (probably around the 9th this month NZ time).

Also I thought I would share with you guys the link to some of the photos from the Forge World Open Day (if you haven't checked it out already) as there is a whole bunch of awesome swag that has just been released, namely CORAX HIMSELF WHO LOOKS FANTASTIC  (must buy that model asap!), Dark Fury Assualt Squads (awesome raven guard vanguard vet type units with ALL LIGHTNING CLAWS WITH +1 INTITIVE ON THE CHARGE), the Mastadon Super Heavy Transport which is super sexy and carries 40 troops and has DOUBLE FIGURE HULL POINTS! Also they showed off the new Alpha Legion Head Hunter Squad who look amazing too, quality from FW just gets better and better, yay! Also finally new Warlord Titan Weapons and Head if you need more Titan Dakka!

Super excited about these releases if you can't already tell (they look amazing) and will probably be spending Christmas funds on them myself. Here's the link to the blog with the posts on it:

Enjoy the gallery!