Monday, 14 September 2015

Eilodon Focus Post

Alrighty, we are back, exams are over and I will be finishing up on the Emperor's Children.

Eidolon: standard praetor stats, except he's equipped with a modified sonic shrieker and with has Emperor's Children legion rules, meaning he gets 2+ initiative in a challenge on the first round and he reduces enemy weapon skill by -1. This might seem stupid as he has a master crafted thunder hammer which would reduce him to initiative 1, but on the turn he charges he ignores the unwieldy rule on his thunder hammer making him a whoopingly high initiative (I7). With his thunder hammer with x2 strength he can potentially instant death any t4 character. But keep him away from any t5 character or  character with eternal warrior as he can't ID them and they will get 2 sets of attacks before he attacks back, and without EW he is likely to get killed by any Paragon blade or Powerfist equipped model before he gets to attack back. 

As his personal little wargear item Eidolon has a modified sonic shrieker which allows him to make a once per game template attack with str2 ap- rending and pinning. Eidolon can also be equipped with a jump pack which greatly improves his mobility and ability to get off charges, and gives him a hammer of wrath attack. This also stacks well with the angels wrath rite of war, which confers hit and run to jump pack models, allowing him to reuse his anti unwieldy special rule on his thunder hammer, benifit from the +1I legion rule and repeat his hammer of wrath attack, while allowing him to flee unfavourable combats.

His unique warlord trait increase charge distances by +1 for all EC units within 12", meaning that this guy is geared to be up in front leading the charge. This works really well in Angels wrath rite armies.

Over all Eidolon is a CQC character who should only attack models he can instant death with x2 Str (which is most characters) and should be leading the force. He is especially suited to jump pack themed armies, but is fully capable of leading a terminator assault unit (+1" charge helps here as well). I like to run him in a squad of jump pack Palentine Blades with phoniex spears in an Angels wrath army or with a large squad of Pheonix Termianators in a Caestus Assault Ram.

That's it for Eidolon, up next Emperor's Children special units.

Thanks for reading and happy Wargaming.
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Emperor's Children Legion Tactical Overview

Emperor's Children, massive perfectionists, elite warriors and a terrible legion in game? While the difficulties of playing EC are glaring, i dont find them to far fetched or horribly destructive. One of their Rites is pretty rubbish below 3000pts, the other is pretty ambiguous and is pretty awesome.

The primary impediment is that any characters must accept and issue challenges. How ever the options available to EC mean that this is something you would be doing anyway. 

All EC characters gain +1 Initiative in a challege, meaning they will strike before your enemies. With the EC having one of the few AP2 on initive weapons this means that artificer armour means nothing to you. 

Also ALL legion astartes Emperor's Children gain +1 initiative on the charge, meaning everyone of your infantry squads goes before enemy squads, which in the even playing field that is 30k is HUGE! This also means that your characters will gain +2 initiative on the charge in a challenge!

If you lose combat and a model in a challenge was killed you suffer from -1LD for the morale check (wording isn't perfect, but this DOES NOT STACK). This hurts. A lot. If you're losing combat, you're already taking penalties to Leadership. EC charcters are normally massively decked out for this reason.

EC tacticals should always take additional combat weapons for this reason (and it makes you better in combat, every legion should do this really, best upgrade you can give these guys. +1 attack for 2pts).

EC legionaries all have the Crusader special rule, which means that EC move faster and Sweeping advance better; normally I6+D6+D3 for squads without special rules/characters. This all means that Emperor's Children are an amazing melee legion and their Legion specific units are all geared towards the assault and to supporting your assault units. See my legion unit review for information on them.

-post edit script; a lot of content from this post has been moved and said in my other Emperor's Children posts which have been massively overhauled post book 6 previews so check out those posts for my take on Emperor's Children special units.-

Thanks for reading, Argel Tal out.