Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tactica Newflash FaQ Terminators

As of the newest Forge World FaQ Terminators (with unspecified patterns of TDA) can now be equipped with either Cataphractii Pattern Terminator armour or Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour, which in particular (here we go.....) ALLOWS SWEEPING ADVANCES!!!

Also as Grave Wardens and Pheonix Guard Terminators have UNSPECIFIED Terminator armour patterns, meaning they can choose which pattern they want!

Death guard I'd lean towards Cataphractii. However for Pheonix Guard Terminators this is amazing! Take the Tartaros every time. Bettwen their special charge rule which gives them Initiative 5 on the charge and Sonic Shreikers which give +1 for a crazy I6 on the charge (I5 charged). Which combined with Emperor's Children Astartes having Crusader means these guys are insane now!

(For a cheaper and just as effective option take Eilidon and Legion Terminators with Tartaros Pattern Armour and give them all 5pt Pheonix spears (equal to cost of power fist). With Eilidon's shreiker they go at I5 with ap2. With Eilidon going at I7 (5+1 for shreiker & +1 for being in a challenge) and EC having Crusader built in automatically you should be able to sweep almost anyone and anything (barring fearless so avoid that #chaplains). 

This is awesome stuff from Forge World.

One a sad note heresy era drop pod now work the same way as 40k drop pods where disembarkment is forced on arrival (negating assault vehicle on normal pods).

Also this update makes the main advantage of Gal Vorbak (being able to sweep with a durable unit) redundant so RIP them (they still have T5 and 2 wounds so they're not useless by any means But they're kinda meh now)


Thought I'd share this news and give some ideas on how to use the new ruling (expect surprised looks and be prepared to show opponents the FaQ).

If this post seems out of character I'm writing this at a very late hour (I'm a terrible person). Hope some of it made sense & happy wargaming and good night everyone!


  1. Wooo finaly sweeping advance returns let's hope it comes back to 40k so the assult can return in a big way!!!!

    1. Id imagine it would be a relic unit or an HQ body guard. But I don't think it will come into 40k as it would just be totally broken with all the power combos from 40k. Tigurus with them for invisibility and allied inquisition with rad grenades and other much much worse stuff than that. Also shield eternal.

      I think it will probably stay a FW only thing.