Monday, 8 February 2016

Emperors children updates incoming

Hi everyone, you might have noticed some of the Emperors children posts were updated recently, this was because of the changes to Terminator armour, in particular being able to sweeping advance. 

However it looks like my job is not yet done, word from the Weekender is that Emperors Children have some major rules changes as of the upcoming books, namely a legion wide rule where assaulting units gain +1 initiative, Sonic Shriekers now reducing enemy weapon skill and new profiles for Kakophoni weapons (The Cacophany) hearing that it may become Heavy 2 and/or may lose Gets Hot/rite removes Gets Hot. Which in conjunction with relentless and being Troops in the new rite means they will need a total overhaul, especially if the weapon Ap changes.

Also the new rites will an effect how EC builds are made (jump infantry themed one could be used with Eidolon, Palentines and Assault marines (who might get a points reduction, here's hoping)), but I'll probably do a post on each legion I've done already or as a group on how to use and benifits/drawbacks of the new rites of war.

Because of this some more EC material will be rewritten or edited, until then just hold tight while I finish the updates and figure out Salamanders.

Cheers, -Argel Tal

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  1. Updates are all done, managed to finish them all off, yay.

    Let me know if I've missed anything.