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Death Guard Legion Specific Troops

Been a little while since my last post, my apologies for that.

Okay so continuing on with Death Guard, today we're looking at their Legion Exclusive units; Death Shroud Terminators and Grave Warden Terminators. I'm going to say now that these aren't the most competitive choices against marines, however against Solar Auxila and Cults these units would be amazing. 

Death Shroud: The elite body guard of the Primarch Mortarion, and you can see why! With (normal) Terminator armour and 2! wounds they are incredibly durable (excluding a Vindicator/Medusa shell to the face). They are expensive at 40 points each but considering you are effectively paying 10 points for an extra wound they are worth their points.

They are armed with Chem Munition Hand Flamers (shred mitigates the strength 3 but gets hot still sucks) (eh) and Deathshroud Power Scythes for lovely Ap2. These are effectively Two-Handed power axes. However they have a special rules where they can swap out their normal attacks for a number of attacks equal to the models in base contact. Normally this would be not a great idea as they would have 3 attacks on the charge but in later turns of combat where your models are more surrounded it could be a good idea (more of a gimic than anything good in my opinion). If you're playing Terminators or you play against Terminators these guys would be a good investment, also they look really nice.

As they have Implacable Advance they are scoring units which is always good.

If there's 5 or less models they can take a Phobos which is a good choice (protects them from pesky Medusa str10 Ap1 Large Blasts). In addition as part of a Orbital Strike rite army they can Deep Strike and with 2 wounds, a 2+ armour save, Ap2 and scoring they will be a threat and difficult to remove.

Finally they can be taken as an HQ choice by them selves as well as Elites, and as characters they can be warlord. Not only that but they can also be taken as bodyguard for Terminator Praetors and the Primarch, meaning if you wanted to you could take a crap ton if them in an army. Take Pride of the Legion and Mortarion: 3HQ, 4 Elite, 6 Troops, 1 LOW bodyguard. 14 Units (double Nurgle's sacred number no less).

Next and finally is Grave Warden Terminators. Cataphractii Terminators with here's the kicker; only Ap4 weapons (told you they were Auxila killers). They have 2 shot str6 for negating Auxila FNP and 2 shot blasts that cause Toughness tests and INGORE COVER (die Auxila fools, die). In addition they can all fire a template with Ap4 that triggers Toughness tests in the same why.

They are all armed with power fists which is an incentive not to charge them already. And as if each Terminator firing a wall of death attack AND power fists wasn't discouraging enough any unit charging them will count as Disordered (no plus one attack or Furious Charge) and they count as going across dangerous terrain. Making them one if the hardest units to charge in 30K if not the whole 40K universe.

Against marines these guys won't make their points back easily but against armies with 4+ armour or worse they will make their points back super fast.

My apologies for the long delay and the short post (not a lot to review). Primarchs Mortarion and Vulkan will be up next, leading into Salamaders as the next legion.

Also let me know who you would like to see next, I'm thinking Night Lords/Raven Guard or Iron Warriors/Imperial Fists. Thanks for reading and happy war gaming. 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Death Guard HQ characters and consul synergy.

Sorry there hasn't been anything in a while, life got in the way (looking at you Betrayal At Calth box set)
Anyway here it is, thought I'd look at something new with the consul types let me know what you think. FYI this is quite a long post. 


So staring off here I just go through and list what each Consul type does and what you can do with them (and any other you should knows). These are just quick overviews as the tactics change dramatically depending on consul type and army build.

Master of signals +1 BS: Heavy support troops
Orbital strike
Support officer (use Death Shroud)
No rite (you'll need another MotL HQ for rite in order to get HS troops)

Vigilator: grants scout to unit (gets grave wardens in range)
If taking rite you don't benefit from move through cover (as the rite give it to everyone natively) but it does grant infiltrate to the centurion and his squad, which is really nasty with heavy squads. (Gets you onto objectives and firing your weapons quicker)
Sabotage attack: D6 str 5 ap6 on a 2+ (deployment phase) take out Rhinos (always hits weakest facing)
First blood in deployment
Can be compulsory

Forge Lord:
Cataphractii + Cyber familiar = 3++
Cortex Controllers: single Castellax
Rad Grenades  (you can get them anyway) 

Primus Medicae: Feel No Pain
Recover VP's from destroyed units
Cataphractii armour (join with your Terminators)
Can be good, attach them where Apothecarys can't go i.e. Terminators
Very expensive 
Support officer

Siege Breaker: Tank Hunter and Wreaker for attached units (heavy support squads who are troops?)
Phosphex shells on Medusas

Praevian: for when you want to play mechanicum AND space marines
Can't be Bulky
Castellax or Vorax 
If he hits the Automata get PE
Combo with Enhanced Targeting for 2+ rerollable 
Can pick: Furious Charge, Tank Hunter or Scout.
Death Guard upgrade doesn't give much so pick one of the options.

Moritat: eh. Doesn't really fit in.

Now we're onto the good stuff, Death Guard special characters and man are these guys awesome.

Crysos Morturg

This guy is essentially a ubber centurion. He is a psyker (super rare in 30k) with the Biomancy power Endurance, this allows you to make your heavy support marines relentless and giving them an amazing 4+ FNP which makes them awesomely durable. Meaning you can fire heavy weapons on the move AND survive almost anything, TRUE DEATH GUARD STYLE. Endurance also applies Eternal Warrior on the target unit so your 2 wound Death Shroud ignore str8 + guns in particular Medusa Siege guns and against str7- you get an amazing 4+ FNP on top of your 2 wounds and 2+ armour. 

As warlord he automatically gets to allow himself and 3 non vehicle units to Infiltrate, which is awesome. Infiltrate Grave Wardens and get in range turn 1, infiltrated Death Shroud so you can apply pressure turn 1.

However he doesn't have Master of the Legion so you can't take a Rite Of War so weigh up what you want to do -guaranteed Inflitrate 3 units or gain the benifits of a rite- and build your list around your decision.

This guy isn't a combat character but with Eternal Warrior he might survive longer than expected. Keep him out of combat end of story. Seriously with only power armour and a power sword he will go down vs any combat character. Use this guy as force multiplier, he does specific things for your army so build around his abilities and buffs.

If you work your list around him, Morturg can and will be an amazing force multiplier.

Durak Rask

This guy is pretty awesome. He is a Master of Ordnance AND Master of the Legion. In other words you get all of the MoO benefits on troop choice Heavy Support Marines. 

This means you can get Tank Hunter & Wreaker troop choice Heavy Support Marines who have move through cover.

He's no slouch in combat either with 1 more wound than normal and Artificer armour and a Thunder Hammer, meaning he can ID enemy characters without having to roll sixes. (with Rad Grenades he can even take on the normally ID immune Bike & Jetbike Praetors of assault armies).

He has the awesome trait of making fiendlies within 12" reroll 1's when targeting enemies who are within 3" of an objectives. This makes your heavy weapon squads EVEN MORE AWESOME. 

As Master of Ordnance he also allows Medusas to take Phosphorex shells, which again is awesome.

Overall this guy is totally awesome and embodies what Death Guard do best.

Calas Typhon

Calas Typhon is a Praetor equivalent wearing Cataphractii Terminator Armour with a grenade harness, a Master Crafted Power Scythe, a Hand Flamer with Chem Munitions, Rad grenades and a Nuncio-Vox.

As a Master of the Legion, Typhon gives you access to Rites of War. However Typhon doesnt give you any special army bonuses like the other two characters. Typhon is effectively just a special combat Praetor.

However he does have 2 extra unique abilities:

A) he has a once per game Ordnance 3 large blast poison (4+) orbital strike with Ignores Cover. However it has a major drawback: it's only ap4, meaning it doesn't do jack against marines compared to normal MoS orbital strikes.

But what this does mean is Typhon is amazing against Auxilia. Auxilia infantry normally huddle behind aegis line fortifications and have 4+ armour save and what does this strike have... ap4 and IGNORES COVER.

B) Typhon is a masterly level 1 psyker who rolls on Telepathy. Coming with the Primarus power (Psychic Shriek) he can and will rip the heart out of TEQ and elite infantry. The rest of the powers are pretty snazzy too. 

He can't be a psyker when Mortarion is around before the Isstvan campaign. (In other words he's a psyker in normal/tournament games)

His warlord trait is situational, no enemy unit may claim an objective if the unit is within 3" of Typhon. Which is nice but there are so many better traits. Where this comes into its own (yet again) is against Solar Auxilia. Auxilia infantry squads are large and spread out to minimize template casualties and to score as many objectives as possible. Because Typhon's rule effects the whole unit you are having a more significant effect. The trait allows you to gain contested objectives but overall isn't that amazing.

If you know you'll be up against Solar Auxilia Typhon might be a good buy, but otherwise the other Special Characters or a upgraded chatacter will be better.

With both Typhon and Morturg as psykers the Death Guard are actually one of the most innately psychic legions (as of writing Thousand Sons haven't been released). While their psychic range is alittle bit more limited in scope compared Word Bearers (who can also make non specific HQs psykers) you have access, you have access to some of the best powers in the game.

That's all from me this time, more Death Guard are coming soon. Thanks for reading and happy war gaming.

Argel Tal

Monday, 9 November 2015

Death Guard Legion Overview

Ok so kicking off with our next legion: the infamous Death Guard.

 These guys bring a new meaning to "Superior Firepower".

Getting right into the meat of it:
These guys have immunity to fear (Night Lords hate these guys) and pinning, meaning they're better able to bring their heavy weapons to bear.

With the Death Guard Rite, Heavy Support Squads become troops. I personally like taking missile launchers on these guys. They come pretty cheap compared to the other weapons and are very versatile, they can take on light-medium armour, hordes and they can straight up ignore 3+ armour which is golden.

Also, these guys re-roll difficult terrain tests for areas of all difficult terrain (finally, we don't have to play on swamp boards anymore!). Extra bonus: successful fleshbane and poison wounds must be rerolled (Suck it dark Eldar!).

All death guard suffer from -1 for sweeping advance rolls but if you're in combat with something that isn't a terminator as death guard what are you doing? This shouldn't be a problem as this army plays a solid static gun line and its heavy assault/assault prevention units are terminators (who mostly can't sweep anyway).   Not any more suckers, our scythe-wielding terminators can now sweep!

Without the specific Rite you're not really gaining a huge advantage over other Legions and there aren't that many combos that stand out (let me know if there's anything you use that works).

Any flamers/heavy flamers/flame weapons in general, may take a 0 point upgrade which gives them SHRED at the expense of Gets hot. This is redundant in Zone Mortalis so if you're playing that don't buy this. Also, twin linked flamers/heavy flamers already have shred so don't get this on them either.

One fun tactic is to buy the way under pointed Promethium Relay Pipes fortification, which gives nearby flame weapons TORRENT (HELL YES BABY), adds some SCORING TROOPS HEAVY SUPPORT SQUADS with Heavy Flamers with Chem Munitions. Then drink your opponent's tears. Bonus points if they were playing a Solar Auxilla or Militia/Cults army.

Again you're really not gaining anything from not taking the specific Rite Of War. Heavy Support troops are where it's at for Death Guard.

With the Rite, you also get a flat Move Through Cover for everyone (feel like Ophra) which is always nice. The only issue is a large portion of your army is going to be static as they will have Heavy Weapons, so try to deploy on your objectives and if you can place the objectives in/as close to the deployment zone as you can. Because of this, you will want heavy assault units such as terminators in transports moving forwards to capture forward objectives. (Do this while you rain cover fire missiles at your opponent).

Deathshroud Terminators, awesome horde/elite infantry cleaners who really live up to their image. with their scythes they can attack as many times there are models in base contact (Tyranids will hate this army, it's like they were designed to combat them...) Edit, they now just add one attack if you're in base contact with more than one model.

Deathshroud in assault land raiders makes great forward objective grabbers.

They are kinda expensive at 2 power fists each, but boy do they get the job done (and they keep their Ap2, unlike certain legion terminators). And the best part? Not only are Terminator-armoured, THEY HAVE 2 WOUNDS EACH!!! One of the best units in my opinion.

They're easy to understand, perform extremely well, are super hard to kill and they synergise perfectly. The only issue is you can't have them as troops if you use the Reaping RoW. *sadface* that would just be broken. Also, they are expensive so don't expect to see them in many -2000 point games unless you are going elite. (Taking Pride of the Legion in a Onslaught Force Organisation for 4 Heavy Support slots for Heavy Support marines isn't actually a bad idea and can work well ((also give you 2 LoWs for extra fun super heavy tanks), only draw back is you must go second unless you seize, which can work for you as they have to burn a game turn or walk into range of your HS squads #indepthmetagaming.) I'm secretly tempted to play Death Guard now haha.

The Death Guard relic is pretty lame, -1T for enemy units within 6", but with Rad Grenades and Power Scythes (see below) your still wounding on 2s, the only benefit is you will instant death them so if you're up against other 2 wound Termies it could be good. Bear in mind it's only 6"s so it's only one unit per turn.

Okay so Death Guard have some nice unique war gear, I've already kinda covered the Power Scythe, but I'll run it down again with better detail; it's a power fist priced power axe, that gain one extra attack if there is more than one enemy model in base contact. (updated)

If you take the specific Rite of War characters can take Rad Grenades which is Awesome (shredding lightning claw terminators that wound on 3s!?)

Grave Warden terminators are good, but honestly with the lower range (24") and ap4 they aren't fantastic. They can be used to hold objectives but I personally think a heavy support squad does it better (I say HS squad because they guys are a heavy support slot choice and therefore don't become troops in a PotL Rite list). However against Solar Auxilla, these guys would be good, with ap4 blasts versus ap5 frag missiles. Effectively these guys are specifically for anti-Auxilla fighting.

Your HQ is nothing jaw dropping like Erebus, Iron Hands Autek Mor or mister Imperial Fist Sigismund.

Crysos Morturg is nice, he's nothing amazing stats wise but the reason you would take him is that he automatically has the Master Of Ambush warlord trait (lets his unit & 3 other unit infiltrate). This means you can throw your Terminators up field really early. Really you want him to infiltrate your nasty squads. One tactic you could use to be really jammy would be to infiltrate 3 CONTEMPTOR DREADNOUGHT TALONS OF 3 DREADNOUGHTS EACH (because they are deployed a squad but can act separately afterwards). This may not buy you many friends but it will ruin anyone's day. The final thing to note for him is he doesn't have Master of the Legion, so no Rites with him. (Also he's a filthy Loyalist XD) Also, he's a Psyker with Endurance (relentless Heavy Support marines with missile launchers anyone?) and Smite for ap2 brain Dakka.

Next, we have Durak Rask (who got killed by our little friend Crysos Morturg). This guy is pretty awesome as he is both a Master Of Ordnance (and all associated buffs) AND a Master or the Legion (rites of war). He confers tank hunter and wrecker to any squad he joins (Troop choice heavy support squad most likely). Also, he makes all friends within 12" re-roll to hit rolls of 1 when you target enemies within 3" of an objective. (Pretty snazzy) Also, note that by making your HS squads troops he lets you tank more choices, like MEDUSA SEIGE GUNS (and as he is a Master Of Ordnance they can take PHOSPHEX SHELLS MUWHAHAHA).

If you were going to be taking The Reaping (pretty much why you play Death Guard in the first place) and you don't want to have to take a Melee character/you wanted a Master Of Ordnance too then this guy is amazing. (Has a thunder hammer for smashing heads too)

Next and finally we have the fat Zombie Lord himself...wait this is 30k... Calas Typhon. Typhon gives you a Praetor in Cataphractii pattern Terminator armour with a master-crafted Power Scythe, a Hand flamer with Chem Munitions, a grenade harness for charging in terrain, Rad grenades for -1T enemies! and a nuncio Vox. Also, he is a Level 1 Psyker (if non-traitor Mortariton is on the same battlefield he pretends he's not a Psyker and you can't use his powers) who can draw from Telepathy powers (which overall are pretty nice).

Keeping with the Anti Auxilla theme once per game Typhon can drop an Orbital Strike that has 3 LARGE BLAST TEMPLATES, Poison 4+ (getting an anti-Tyranid feel again...) Ap4 (more anti ) with NO COVER SAVES! (COME ON THAT JUST SCREAMS "DIE SPACE BUG DIE!!!"). It will always scatter 2D6 (says nothing about scattering in the direction of the small arrow on the hit symbol so assumedly it can be a direct hit). But with 3 LARGE BLASTS WHO CARES! PS, he can't move before he does this.

His warlord trait is iffy: No enemy units within 3" can claim objectives. Means no one can contest your Implacable Advance Deathshroud Terminators (yay). But there's better traits on the table (sacrifices must be made). (It's measured by the unit not by the objective so you can deny objectives which are actually more than 3"s away, but it's still pretty rubbish)

He's quite expensive, but for what he does for your army he's worth it, especially against Auxilla armies. DRINK PETTY HUMAN TEARS.

With Rad grenades and Power Scythes, any attached Deathshroud will wound on 2s and have ap2. Bye bye terminators.

As an overview, Death Guard is a Heavy Weapon based army that tends to work as a gun line (but can work really well with synergised forward elements, I will post on this in more detail later). Your Rite of War limits your manoeuvrability -you can't run, but you shouldn't be running you should be FIRING DEATH APON YOUR ENEMIES, and you only get 1 fast attack slot, but you can take loads of heavy support so EH- but offers you a metric tonne of heavy fire support. Your legion rules help your morale and keep you shooting.

Overall Death Guard is a static heavy army that works at nearly any point level and should achieve a solid win rate. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, more Death Guard is coming.
Also, I've just ordered my Betrayal At Calth box set so I might upload my thoughts on the game. I'd be keen to try out playing Death Guard myself for some fun. Also, I'll then have 3500-3750 points of Word Bearers.

Finally, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all of you guys and girls that read this blog, it's really awesome to see the numbers from all over the world and to find out that I'm not just totally crazy. XD. Thank you all so much it's really amazing, and I look forward to future blogs.

Have a great week, happy wargaming and see you guys all next time.

'Rest? We were not made to rest; we go on, unflinching, unstoppable, unending in our strength. The Emperor did not make us for such mortal concerns as hearth and home, vanity or contemplation; we are his engines of war, his hammers, beating out the fabric of existence into a vessel fit for Mankind to inhabit.'

— Ferrus Manus, as quoted in Shadow of the Gorgon by the Remembrancer Czel Atternus (from Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre, page 234)

Monday, 19 October 2015

Forge World Open day round up

forge world has shown the world their new projects, and they are pretty awesome; we're getting new Wraithknights, The Doom of Mymeria is getting a revamp for the new craft worlds codex. The Mechanicum Ordinator is nearly finished. Eldar coriars are getting jetbikes (ties into Mymeria).

Horus Heresy wise we're getting Natheniel Garro, a new Leviathan Dreadnought (super contemptor), Mechanicum Ordinators, also we're getting Black Sheilds, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and White Scars.

Also there are some awesome Golden Demon entries.


Thanks for reading

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Emperor's Children Special Units (Re-Written as of Feb 2016FAQ,recommended Re-Read)

++EDIT: this post has been majorly re-written in light of the February 2016 FAQ (primarily over Terminator armour becoming able to Sweeping Advance). If you've read this post before and you like Emperor's Children I would re-read this post!++

I am finally back, sorry for the lack of new content on the blog recently, having just finished with mock Exams and being midway through my break I've not found much time for writing, but never the less, I am back and I bring the specialists of the Emperor's Children with me. So without further ado, let's get started

Special units for the Emperor's Children Legion in the Forge World Horus Heresy Expansion.
Kakophini: right off the bat these guys are specialist heavy support marines with early sonic weapons that preceded noise marine weapons. With Heavy 2 gets hot weapons they're not amazing. These weapons, however, have a special rule where if one or more unsaved wounds are caused by a weapon with this rule, the target must take a leadership test with a -LD modifier squad equal to the number of wounds suffered. If the test is passed there is no effect. If the test is failed the target unit takes D6 instant death wounds that cannot be saved against. This makes these guys amazing against Mechanicum Monstrous Creatures (Automata) and Multi-wound Legion terminator and Characters.

If taken as part of the newer (book 6) Emperor's Children Rite, they become Troops (therefore scoring) which is amazing AND they gain RELENTLESS which makes Kakophoni amazing. These guys will pretty much outshoot any other troops at a better range, the only issue is that they will occasionally blow themselves up. Clocking in at 270 for a full squad with Artificer armour and a Phoenix Spear on the Orchestra they're pretty cheap for the amount of damage they can do to elite units. 

I'd buy these guys a rhino to be honest, gives them some turn one survivability. Turn one drive into cover, turn two, get out with relentless and open fire.

-Footnote- With the new Legion rule (+1 Initiative on the charge) and sonic Shriekers stock these guys can actually hold up well in an assault. Don't run them head first into combat but don't be afraid to charge a weakened squad after shooting them (relentless). 

Priority targets for these guys should multi-wound models; Automata, 2 wound legion terminators and Independent characters and their squads in order to get the maximum effect from their weapon's instant death bonus wounds.

Also as a note, these guys are more deadly in shooting than an equivalently priced tactical squad (10 kakophini vs 15 tacticals with extra swords and sonics)

Pheonix Guard Terminators. Ok, right away these guys have NO ranged weapons. They do have phoenix spears which means that these guys really shouldn't be in combat with other terminators that have 2 wounds, unless they have already been reduced in numbers (ie Justaerin and Deathshroud) as they become ap3 in the second round of combat. These guys do have one interesting (awesome) benefit; they are equipped with Tauros pattern terminator armour, which means that they are able to SWEEPING ADVANCE!! While this seems awesome the draw back from the Pheonix spears is still a major issue for them. 

This unit also has a special rule which confers +1 initiative in the first round of combat (this stacks with the updated legion rule for I6 on the charge (I7 on the Champion) which is awesome as it allows you to take full advantage of the Ap2 round of combat with their Pheonix Spears in killing the enemy before they get to strike back and to make sweeping advances easier (I7+D6+D3)

With Weapon Skill 5 they hit on 3's, go before their opponents, and then SUPER SWEEPING ADVANCE.

The major issue with these guys I have is over killing the enemy and getting iced by plasma, Melta or Medusa guns the next turn. To counter this make sure you've killed those threats before you charge in. I like to but these guys in a Caestus Assault Ram giving me a Large blast Melta shot before I disembark. My lists also have Mortis Contemptors with Kheres Assault Cannons which I use to kill threat tanks and Phoesphex Rapiers to kill off special weapon squads (and pretty much EVERYTHING (with 3+ saves)) Plan and act at least 1 turn ahead of the game and maintain Target Priority/Saturation on threat units until the offending unit is removed. Bottom line, If your Terminators will be at risk, don't disembark them.

Enter the final Emperor's Children special unit; the Palatine Blades. More WS5 marines armed with bolt pistols (don't forget) and charable sarbers, why are these guys good, well they can ALL opt to take Power swords (great for anti-PA as they will get 3 attacks each on the charge each all at ap3  {pistol & melee weapon+charge bonus+base=3}) hitting on 3s or Phoenix spears for ap2 anti-elite attacks (two handed so only 2 attacks on the charge)

Instead of giving them Pheonix Spears I'd take power swords as this unit should be used for taking out power armour units, not terminators, leave that for your more heavily armoured units and artillery.

These guys are like improved Veterans as due to the new Legion rule they're I5 in the charge with super cheap Power Swords (each power sword cost a melta bomb) 

As chosen warriors they can ALL opt to accept challenges  (protecting your sergeants in artificer armour from ap2 weapons) (but as they are not characters they do not get the extra +1 initiative for being in a challenge, much sad face). 

Palatine Blades can also take jump packs for improved movement and hammer of wrath attacks, which making them a better version of the yet to be created VANGUARD VETERANS. (I like doing this in a Angels Wrath or Drop assault Vanguard rite of war army with Eidolon as it allows them to repeatedly benefit from both the Shriekers and Pheonix Spears in addition to Eilidon's charging benefits  [hit and run for jump pack infantry])

Giving them jump packs is a great way of avoiding having these guys removed from the table before they do anythingThe increased movement reduces the amount of firepower that can be directed at them as they cover the table faster and they can get stuck in much faster than if they were footslogging (and a Rhino transport does not allow assaults after disembarking leaving them vulnerable for a turn) 

These models are vulnerable to fire -compared to terminators or other legion elites- due to their 3+ armour and one wound each so they should either have jump packs so they can get stuck in faster or a transport vehicle preferably with assault vehicle (land raider comes to mind).

The reason you would take this unit over Pheonix Terminators is that they have shooting potential, can be transported in cheaper vehicles in larger numbers and can be given Jump Packs. Always get rid of charnable sabres, unless you need a meatshield body. I would jet packs or an assault vehicle transport (LR, Storm Eagle etc) on this unit. I'd give the sergeant Artificer Armour and Melta Bombs just to tank wounds and provide flexibility to the unit. 

Keep in mind this unit is either for removing 3+ armour units of infantry (Power Swords) or units that have 2+ armour but no invulnerable save (when given Spears), not both! You need to pick one and tailor them to that chosen task. Also, these guys are NOT FOR REMOVING TERMINATOR SQUADS! Who will have ap3 or better for cheaper than you!

Also keep in mind this unit is very expensive and gets more so with Jet Packs and aren't scoring!

That concludes my review of Emperor's Children special units. 

Would love to hear input and/or thoughts from you guys on my lists and any of the ideas within these tactica posts. As always check out my other posts for more Horus Heresy reviews and Tactica. 
We've got Death Guard and Salamanders up next, post in the comments anytime with what legions you would like to see me review next.

Thanks for reading, Argel-Tal out.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Eilodon Focus Post

Alrighty, we are back, exams are over and I will be finishing up on the Emperor's Children.

Eidolon: standard praetor stats, except he's equipped with a modified sonic shrieker and with has Emperor's Children legion rules, meaning he gets 2+ initiative in a challenge on the first round and he reduces enemy weapon skill by -1. This might seem stupid as he has a master crafted thunder hammer which would reduce him to initiative 1, but on the turn he charges he ignores the unwieldy rule on his thunder hammer making him a whoopingly high initiative (I7). With his thunder hammer with x2 strength he can potentially instant death any t4 character. But keep him away from any t5 character or  character with eternal warrior as he can't ID them and they will get 2 sets of attacks before he attacks back, and without EW he is likely to get killed by any Paragon blade or Powerfist equipped model before he gets to attack back. 

As his personal little wargear item Eidolon has a modified sonic shrieker which allows him to make a once per game template attack with str2 ap- rending and pinning. Eidolon can also be equipped with a jump pack which greatly improves his mobility and ability to get off charges, and gives him a hammer of wrath attack. This also stacks well with the angels wrath rite of war, which confers hit and run to jump pack models, allowing him to reuse his anti unwieldy special rule on his thunder hammer, benifit from the +1I legion rule and repeat his hammer of wrath attack, while allowing him to flee unfavourable combats.

His unique warlord trait increase charge distances by +1 for all EC units within 12", meaning that this guy is geared to be up in front leading the charge. This works really well in Angels wrath rite armies.

Over all Eidolon is a CQC character who should only attack models he can instant death with x2 Str (which is most characters) and should be leading the force. He is especially suited to jump pack themed armies, but is fully capable of leading a terminator assault unit (+1" charge helps here as well). I like to run him in a squad of jump pack Palentine Blades with phoniex spears in an Angels wrath army or with a large squad of Pheonix Termianators in a Caestus Assault Ram.

That's it for Eidolon, up next Emperor's Children special units.

Thanks for reading and happy Wargaming.
Argel Tal out.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Emperor's Children Legion Tactical Overview

Emperor's Children, massive perfectionists, elite warriors and a terrible legion in game? While the difficulties of playing EC are glaring, i dont find them to far fetched or horribly destructive. One of their Rites is pretty rubbish below 3000pts, the other is pretty ambiguous and is pretty awesome.

The primary impediment is that any characters must accept and issue challenges. How ever the options available to EC mean that this is something you would be doing anyway. 

All EC characters gain +1 Initiative in a challege, meaning they will strike before your enemies. With the EC having one of the few AP2 on initive weapons this means that artificer armour means nothing to you. 

Also ALL legion astartes Emperor's Children gain +1 initiative on the charge, meaning everyone of your infantry squads goes before enemy squads, which in the even playing field that is 30k is HUGE! This also means that your characters will gain +2 initiative on the charge in a challenge!

If you lose combat and a model in a challenge was killed you suffer from -1LD for the morale check (wording isn't perfect, but this DOES NOT STACK). This hurts. A lot. If you're losing combat, you're already taking penalties to Leadership. EC charcters are normally massively decked out for this reason.

EC tacticals should always take additional combat weapons for this reason (and it makes you better in combat, every legion should do this really, best upgrade you can give these guys. +1 attack for 2pts).

EC legionaries all have the Crusader special rule, which means that EC move faster and Sweeping advance better; normally I6+D6+D3 for squads without special rules/characters. This all means that Emperor's Children are an amazing melee legion and their Legion specific units are all geared towards the assault and to supporting your assault units. See my legion unit review for information on them.

-post edit script; a lot of content from this post has been moved and said in my other Emperor's Children posts which have been massively overhauled post book 6 previews so check out those posts for my take on Emperor's Children special units.-

Thanks for reading, Argel Tal out.

Monday, 17 August 2015

iron hands special units And characters

With very few units let's crack into it

Medusan immortals: these guys embody "hold the line" 3+ 5++/6++ and no enemy charge bonus due to shields -1str t4. These guys are a massive pain to get rid of. Can be give Volkilite charges as an upgrade which effects their next rule: they can only snap shoot instead of making sweeping attacks.

Gorgan terminators: t4 2+ 5++ -1str 4+ blind, lighting claws (upgrade) i3. Expensive but effective. These guys are terminators that hold front lines. With them causing blind getting up close and charging is great because any shots that you pass with your 2+ save for over watch will blind the opponent, letting your other wise derpy I3 go first.

Castrmen orth: 80pts 30k cronos but better. Can go in any tank you purchase. Has tank hunter and gives your army +1 vehicle damage when ramming. Also he can get out but only has 3+ 4++ so not suggested. Can be in a spartan, super heavy etc, anyone else thinking fell blade.

Autek Mor: iron father praetor with cataphractii terminator, which means slow and purposeful, no over watch. He does get +1 str & toughness (he does have -1 intitive and -1 attack) servo arm (which gives him +1 attack lol) paragon blade cause they're fun (+2 Str so he's Str 7 with most of his attacks and ap2). Also has a Volkite charger. Fearless which is nice, preferred enemy infantry so rerolling the ones that he would fail to wound on. Servo arm is Str8 i1 and on the charge he has 4 str7 ap2 (6s= ID) And because of Involite armour he can't be ID from shooting 2x toughness.

Total beast.

And that's actually all of the special characters and units for the robot space marines.

'I have seen my Lord Ferrus handle molten iron without flinching, bending it to his will with barely a concern that such a deed is beyond mortal men. Have no doubt that by those same hands will revenge be exacted upon the traitors, have no doubt that the stain on our honour will be drowned in blood, just as the ruby-hot blade is quenched by the fire.'

— Ironwrought Orzhar, Avernii Clan-Company, on the eve of the Dropsite Massacre (Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre, page 231)

Again thanks to Warhammer 40k quotes Facebook page.


Friday, 14 August 2015

Iron Hands Troops Choices

Ok to kick off Iron Hands tactics, we bring in the fitting Tactical squad. Let me start of by saying you will probably want to be maxing out these squads to leverage Involite Armour (rhinos and transports don't get it). As you will want to be out of the melee taking extra combat weapons probably isn't the best way to spend points, and replacing your bolters is down right illogical. For the sergeant a Combi Melta is probably a good buy, as a way to have a chance to remove enemy Drop Pods. Giving your sergeants a Cyber Familiar is nice but he will only gain a 6++ (he can also reroll statistic tests but meh) which will bring you on par with SOB/Adeptus Sororitus. It should save you 1 in 6 sergents but you should only be buying this on your sergents as points filler (great of commanders and terminators). A Legion Vexillia is an excellent idea as your army has no built in morale boost rules. This wargear allows you to reroll morale checks and leadership which is great when your marines have no ATSKNF. Watch out for recons with sniper rifles they will want to execute this guy first (this guy gives LD reroll which is better statistically much better than the LD9 from the sergeant).

Assault squads, your iron hands don't kid your self, you can't use what they're good at. You can't sweep well (LD check to sweep) with them, they are part of the restricted units as of Rigid Tactics (bikes are a much better choice with t5 and -1str from shooting against them), nuff said.

Support squads: great option but they don't count towards compulsory troops so you will need to take Tacs to field these guys (can still score). With the Iron Hands rite of war support squads can swap their flamers for gravitation guns. In drop pods these guys will shred Spartans even with flare shields as Haywire isn't effected by Flare Shields as it has no Str, forget suicide melta squads. Plasma is very effective as an terminator deletion squad, but it is very expensive. The Volkite long range heavy weapon is brilliant with a range legion.

Recon squads: with sniper rifles and 3+ armour these guys are really awesome for a shooting legion. Precision shot is execellent for erasing Vexillas, Nucio voxes (for iron warriors and other ordnance armies) which are often better choices than sergeants. With rending artificer armour is rendered redundant of sergents. Also use these guys to remove special weapons in veteran squads. Like support squads these guys can't be compulsory troops. With camelon cloaks and the -1str for shooting against them and a 3+ save you can make these guys very competitive when supporting a good list.

Drop pods are dangerous for IHs because they can't sweeping assault very well, and they will be in combat where the -1 Str shooting won't help you. Iron hands don't want to be up close.

Rhinos and other vehicles can purchase a 6+ roll, that works in the same way as IWND, but as its seperate from IWND you can get two of these rolls by including Ferrus Manus in your army. This is great but as vehicles don't benifit from Involite Armour you can't leverage this rule, use mech when you need to. You don't want to be close, making the speed of a vehicle redundant, and you can't shoot the squad out of it, also making the vehicle redundant.

That's my take on Iron Hands Troops. I recomend 3+ armour recons with sniper rifles and camelon cloaks, tactical squads with combo meltas, artifer armour and Vexillas and Tactical support squads with either suicide grav or plasma (anti vehicle/ terminator respectively) or long range Volkite.


'Rest? We were not made to rest; we go on, unflinching, unstoppable, unending in our strength. The Emperor did not make us for such mortal concerns as hearth and home, vanity or contemplation; we are his engines of war, his hammers, beating out the fabric of existence into a vessel fit for Mankind to inhabit.'
— Ferrus Manus, as quoted in Shadow of the Gorgon by the Remembrancer Czel Atternus (from Horus Heresy Book 2: Massacre, page 234)

Quote thanks to Warhammer 40k Quotes Facebook page

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Would you guys like me to publish my views on the Primarchs all as one group instead of a legion at some point on the future or would you like me to publish them with their child legion?

Argel Tal

Iron Hands Tactical Overview

Moving on to the 10th legion, the Iron Hands.

These guys are hard to shift. Legion Astartes Iron Hands have a rule called Involite Armour, this reduces the strenght if all shooting against them by 1, making bolters Str 3 against them. This is AWESOME. They have some pretty major draw backs; must pass a leadership check to RUN or SWEEPING ADVANCE, which SUCKS IN 30K, where you need to SWEEPING ADAVANCE. Theses guys want to stay out of charge distances and out shot the opponent.

You will want to leverage Involite Armour with with t5: Out rider Bikes, Attack bikes, Jetbikes. Unfortunately you may not take more bikes jetbikes and jump infantry that infantry squads. This SUCKS. but how ever... Put your Praetor in a bike squad and he will never instantly die to Shooting, and will be a nightmare to wound. Str 3 bolters vs Toughness 5 with 2+ 4++.

These units are the fast options your army otherwise lacks as you are building an infantry centered list. As such this army will often be footslogging if you want to be the most efficient with your legion choice and points spent.

Also your units may never voluntarily go to ground on that ap3 will kill you

Characters can pretty cheaply take cyber familiars for +1 invol to max of 3++ (Or a 6++) and it DOESNT TAKE UP A HAND AWESOME.

Your relic is awesome against tanks, especially Spartans as Flare Sheilds don't work against Grav. Assault 3 is awesome with grav, it is template so you will be up close and personal where the iron hands DONT LIKE TO BE, STAY BACK AND OUT SHOOT THEM (drop site massacre lolz). Don't let the ap3 make you think this is anti marine. This GRAVITATION NOT GRAV so it makes you take a toughness or strength test? So it's wounding marines on a 5.

It's very nice at what it does: kill vehicles.

The Rite of war is very strong, all vehicles get a 6+ IWND for FREE, any model with a Flamer may take a GRAVITATION gun for 10 points (has haywire). Tanks in reserve get outflank (nice I guess)

But the major issue is only one fast attack slot.
Take your praetor on a bike, give him a halo, and the relic (extra flavour to your choice), then take outriders, give them twin link flamers, then upgrade those to twinlink gravitation guns. 12" move T5 -1 shooting against them (can't be instant deathed by shooting strenght) and 3+ save 4+ jink with Haywire guns. CHEESE.

Also only one consul allowed other than Forge Lord consuls so no taking multiple chaplains, also if your taking this with a delegus, no more consuls unless they're Forge Lords.

Special units: Gorgon Terminators; These guys are nasty, 2+ save 5++ invol, -1 Str for shooting against them and a 5+ FNP. Also on a successful save (that includes the 2+ armour) on a D6 of a 4+ all units within 6 must test for blind. FOR EACH SAVE, NOT JUST ONCE. Friendly units can reroll the blind test.

Because it's not Cataphracti armour they can over watch. They can also take gravitation guns as special weapons in addition to the normal special weapons. Everyone has power axes but can take lightning claws so eat blinded enemies (they are I3 normally though). They still have to take a Leadership to run, just shoot with these guys and do point denial. They won't want to charge you, they won't really want to shoot you, (Move these guys ahead of your main army so they don't blind your own units (facepalm)). Also that FNP is here to stay agaist shooting, your opponent will need a las cannon or better to get rid of it because if Involite Armour (the -1 Str for shooting against them).

It is important to remember that that rule only effects legion astartes, therefore not your tanks and other vehicles.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Which legion do you guys want to see next?

As I am coming to the end of my Word Bearer focus (still have special unit tactica to do) I would like to know which legion you guys would like to see me cover next. Could alternate Heretic, Loyalist if you guys would like.

Let me know in the comments below which legion you want to see me cover next.
Cheers Argel Tal

Ps: if there is anything you would like me to cover tactics, combo or unit wise in the future based on what's been uploaded in these posts let me know in the comments below as well.

Pps: if you have any epic quotes from Horus Heresy books about your favourite legion or quotes you like feel free to email them to me and I will try to add them to the blog when I feature the appropriate  legion.

Erebus focus post

Erebus, the first dark apostle, destinies hand, corrupter of Horus Lupercal

At the price of 195 search lights Erebus appears to have a low statline, nothing overly remarkable as a CCQ character. This is how ever not his role in your army. Erebus is both a Diabolist -giving you access to Dark Channeling- and a Chaplin -filling the extra character requirement-. 

Erebus allows you to take demon allies without needing to take the special rite of war, while he would instantly fill the requirements for it, this allows you to take an orbital strike or angels wrath or pride of the legion with Demons. This is great in larger point games, giving you mass Tzenntch summoning or Khorne ap3 juggernauts and bloodletters.

As a burning law psyker, Erebus has access to either biomancy or telepathy. Biomancy can bring him to strength 9 with smash (+3 for the power, +2 for the crozius) giving him ap2 or he can get 7 attacks on the charge (+3 from the power and +1 for charging) at strength 6. -1 toughness for enemy units makes tactical squads very tasty and the relentless 4+ FNP makes your tacticals total beasts: Rapid fire charge with Dark channeling for rerolls, strenght 5 or fear and 41 attacks (you are taking additional close comabt weapons right?) Combined with Adamatium will Erebus actually gives his squad 4+ Deny The Witch against mastery level 1.  

Other biomancy witchfires are pretty neat with ap2, one of which can heal your unit (see my unit combo later for how i use this, but generally heal himself or near by HQs). 

Telepathy has one of the best Primaris powers: psychic shriek. Rolling on Telepathy is mostly going to make your enemy weaker: LD checks to fire overwatch, (amazing when it goes off) move, shoot and counter charge you after your unit disembarks. Telepathy also has a power which lowers enemy units Leadership, but this power risks the unit breaking morale and running away from your assault ready units. This power is best used on heavy support squads, and other back field infantry units who are close to the board edge. This power can be used to make expensive squads to run off the battle field, costing your opponent those units and wasting those points. Regular opponents will then deploy further away from the board edge to prevent this, which only brings them closer to your assault army. 

With 3 wounds and artificer armour you can use Erebus to potenitally tank ap3 wounds from the squad, this is risky but can pay off in an expensive squad.

By putting Erebus in a squad, the sqaud no longer benifits from 50% of the Dark Channeling table (hatred and fearless (zealot)) as he gives out that rule passively. In the veteran squad I run Erebus with they also have furious charge, negating the dark channeling result. I dont rate the demon 5++ and fear rule as they count as destroyed as the end of the game and most importantly they no longer score. 

I run Erebus in a Phobos landraider (the only assault land raider) with a veteran squad with power swords and furious charge (dark channeling is no longer need in my opinion so i give them all melta bombs instead) and Hol Beloth. This unit is a bit of a death star but it only comes with standard 3+ armour. I use this unit to ERASE power armoured units and warlord units. Do not ever use this unit agaist 2+ amour, ever. 

Thats my take on Erebus of the Word Bearers. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hol Beloth focus post.

As a follow up on my preveious post I thought I would do an expansion on the Word Bearers unique character Hol Beloth. Let me know in the comments if you would like more of these expansions/indepth character posts. Cheers

Going straight into it: At weapon skill 6 he is on par with enemy praetors, (he also shares most of their stats (won't write them out for legal)) with 5 attacks, (two specialist weapons and 6 attacks on the charge) he is a total beat stick. With a mastercrafted power fist he will be instant deathing enemy praetors (he has tainted weapon but we aren't going to speak of that). Also in addition he also ignores the first wound he takes including instant death; this means that charging at an enemy praetor he could take any instant death hits from the paragon blade on his 4++ and then ignore one if it goes through. Embeding him inside a veteren squad would be an effective deathstar, as in a challenge the praetor would be removed (powerfist KO), leaving your intitive 5 -furious charge my choice of veteran tactics; you choose a special rules you give to the vets*- power swords marines to erase the retinue. 

Because he doesn't count as a chaplin or a diabolist you wild need to take an additional character. My preference would be Erebus as he would give out dark channeling as well as counting as a chaplin. This would how ever stop you from taking any relics. So no nayante blaster shennagins or lovey void sheilds. Over all give him a veteran* squad and an assault vehicle (maybe take an apothecary). 
He also confers weapon skill 5 to all friendly Word Bearer units once per game, nice bonus when combined with dark channeling and our better sweeping assaults. This is unlikely to effect more than 3 units in 2000 pt or lower games but that could be enough to swing the game back in your favour.

Previous statement retracted, Hol Beloth is a powerful HQ choice, who doesn't count as any of the Word Bearer consul types. As such you will need to take an additional character who fills those slots. I say take Erebus as he gives dark channeling which could give you Str 6 power swords or rerolls in the first turn of combat on your veteran squad (5++ and fearless is good but Erebus gives that out anyway)

Inside a land raider Phobos with armoured ceramite (ignores the extra D6 from Melta) and frag grenade launchers (just in case) this unit is brutal. Erebus could potentially roll endurance from Biomancy (pretty much always roll on Bio with this unit combo) for FNP relentless and Eternal Warrior (or you could get -1 toughness which is ridiculous and could counter out not getting +1 Str on dark channeling). This unit would erase marines, HQ and retinues and seriously threaten Monsters (not including Wraith Knights because they are just Arghhhh Wraith Knight 'nuff said, why GW? why?

Hol Beloth would be a serious contender for my favourite HQ available (at the least for the Word Bearers). 
If you would be keen for more character focuses let me know in the comments. 

Some thing divine, fallen into sin: an angel as envisaged by dæmons.
Quote from: Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden pg 149

Word Bearers Characters over view

Following my insights on general tactics for Word Bearers, there are some things I didn't cover but I will cover them here.

Word Bearers must take a second compulsory HQ choice who must either be an un-upgraded captain (no consul choice) or a consul Chaplin. This can make Word Bearers hard to run at lower point games: with 10man squads as minimum you cannot add characters to rhino units, as such you will need to buy them special units or forgo rhino transports.

Any WB character (including sergeants) can take tainted blade. Never take these. Full stop, just don't. Instant death on 6s ap- Str: user for 10 POINTS ARE YOU CRAZY, NEVER TAKE THESE. Just buy power swords, deny challenges and cut through normal marines.

WB also gain access to a special type of Consul: Diabolists. These guys have the demon rule (5++ so no need for refractor field). These guys give you access to the Dark Channeling table which is nice but is expensive. Also they can't take bikes or jetbikes.

Our characters are neat because they count as Diabolists and Masters of the legion so we don't need 3 HQ to take our formation. Erebus is also a Chaplin and the two above so is super (but you still need one more HQ). They most give you access to Demon allies without taking the rite of war/formation (which is nice but you should be investing in your marines until you get over 2000 pts). Most unique characters are also psykers. Erebus has ML1 Biomancy and telepathy, as does Kor Phaeron. Zardu Laylak is Mastery Level 2 and can take powers from Pyro or maelefic (which he can use without fear of perils because of Demon).

Zardu give nearby Word Bearers (12") +1 to combat resolution, and once per game may reroll to cast a power. He is possibly the best choice as of now (will be the compulsory HQ, followed by the extra HQ) as he is cheaper than Erebus and gives out a nice buff bubble. Finally he gives you +1 on your roll on Dark Channeling which means you are more likely to get Demon (not super but nice, hatred or +1 Str is better).

Kor Phaeron is not so good but fluffy. Don't take him unless you want to do a campaign or something.

EDIT: I will be doing a focus blog post on Hol Beloth.

Word Bearer HQ are for supporting your army not for going face to face with other chapters beat stick HQ CQC monsters.

Next post will be synergy, units to take/not to take and combos.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Word Bearers Tactica & Insights part 1) infantry and legion rules

Ok so starting with my home legion; The Word Bearers. The greatest of heretics (and mortal enemies of my grey knights). In the system they are a close combat orientated legion (but do marine well at other things out side of CQC), their legion rules giving them rerolls to sweeping in CQC, 3D6 morale and selecting the lowest 2. This is huge as there is no And They Shall Know No Fear in 30k, meaning your large 20 man units can be swept in on round of close combat. This makes Word Bearers a strong Legion. Their drawback is they have to take a second compulsory HQ choice (meaning 2 compulsory HQ), who must either be an un-upgraded consul or a Chaplin.

Their unique units are Flamer wielding jet pack marines, a nice anti horde but not the best against marines as they still only have 3+ armour. Also we have 2 wound mega possessed, who are very powerful in combat but they can never score and need an assault transport to be effective. We also get a possessed contemptor dreadnought who works really well against psykers and demons (both of which we use and have so be careful).

Extra close combat weapons/chain swords are all ways excellent and will pay for them selves in one round of CQC. With our better morale legion Vexila aren't that useful. Nucio voxes are good if your deep striking with pods (legion ones are special will cover this later) but as WB aren't going to be investing in barrages weapons (you're not an iron warrior) they often won't be effective for you.

Sergeants should be taking artificer armour to reduce combat loses and power swords to maximise enemy casualties, don't challenge with them as they won't be able to make use of their power swords against* artificer armour sergeants. Melta bombs are always a yes, combi-weapons not so much: individually they aren't effective.

With special characters and diabolists we gain access to a random d3 table granting: hatred and zealot/+1str or finally the demon rule which grants a 5++. Arguably the best is +1 Str, 5++ is nice, and hatred is better than demon. Demon also counts as destroyed at the end of the game and can no longer score. Demon confers fear but with legion morale being 9 normally this is not something to count on but is very nice when it goes off*

Very brief over view of Word Bearers for those deciding on their legion. Will be doing a tactical squad blog later. 

That was the moment the sky tore open. Stormclouds formed from the ghosts of a hundred murdered worlds began to rain blood on the dead city below. 
Quote from Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden pg 379

Taking the plunge, new blog: Forge World Horus Heresy general insights

I'm new to this blogging thing but I'm taking up the mantle. I will be posting general insights on the Horus Heresy game system, and also some legion specific tactica and insights. My Horus Heresy armie are Word Bearers & Emperor's Children so the majority of the posts will most likely be centered around them, but I intend to shed my insights on my brother legions, and those foolish loyalist.

After playing War Hammer 4000 for a while, I decided to check out the Forge World Horus Heresy line. I am not a "power player" and prefer a challenge with the armies I play. I also have a larger interest in Games Workshops Lord Of The Rings line, as such I prefer tactical games over facing WraithKnights and the sort. That is what drew me into Horus Heresy (could go into a massive tangent but that's for another time), this system is -in my view- very balanced as for the most part each, combatant wields the same weapon as his enemy. 

I've found that you have two manners in which to play Horus Heresy; either the mighty sledge hammer, or the precise scalpel. Each legion is tailored to a particular play style, as such you chose your legion based on your preferred play style. Your choice of units in your list may also reflect this. 

Each legion has its own special units, special characters and a unique "formation" which gives bonus but incurs restrictions to your army.

First post complete, later posts will be general tactica, legion tactica. 

All of the legions, characters, game system and related aspects are the copy right of Forge world, Games workshop. I claim no legal anything. 

All feed back is more than welcome. Join me brothers in this crusade.