Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Primarch Vulkan of the Salamanders

Enter Vulkan, Lord of the Salamanders Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, The Hammer of Salvation, Lord of Volcanos, Smith of Zeus... wait a second...

Alrighty, after much stalling and life getting in the way we have Vulkan!

Making up for lost time let's get right into it!

Vulkan takes the cake as one of the most enduring Primarchs, with 2+/3++ armour, rerolls on failed ITWND rolls toughness 7! AND REDUCES THE STRENGHT OF VOLKILITE, PLASMA, MELTA/FUSION AND FLAMER WEAPONS FIRED AT HIM BY HALF!! HALF! Rounding down, he laughs at your petty strength 3 plasma weapons.

Vulkan gives out one of the best leadership buffs in the game, conferring to his WHOLE ARMY (Legion Astartes, Salamanders) +1LD and Adamantium Will. Considering that there is no ATSKNF in 30k, army wide +1LD is amazing.

This means that if you lose combat (your a Salamander so combat in st really your thing anyway) you're much less likely to flee and be cut down. Combined with Salamander's legion rule which serves as a free Vexilla and you'll pretty much never flee with Vulkan on your side.

Also with 40k lists spamming Psykers and Word Bearers being able to cast powers and take daemon allies (and hopefully new Thousand Sons coming out soon) Adamantium Will is nice to have in your back pocket.

Giving Scoring Fire Drakes +1LD and adamantium will is nothing to laugh at, 2+ armour 3++ Invol, 2 wounds and LD-10 makes for an annoyingly hard to remove unit. The same goes for Pyroclasts (note; not scoring unless taken as part of Covenant of Fire Rite of War).

Vulkan's Hammer, Mjolnir... sorry I mean Dawn Breaker is freaking amazing. Str10 Instant Death, Concussive, Armourbane and it's NOT UNWEIDLY. Your opponent brought a Spartan hahaha gone. Sicarian Tanks getting you down, problem solved.

Also as a bonus, Vulkan can ground pound for a Str8 ap3 blast template in combat for horde killing. Because it does not require a roll to hit, this can be used against invisible opponents (situational with Ap3 but nice to have in your tool box)

Vulkan will need his own transport but luckily it will probably be OBSIDIAN FORGED (invol against Melta, Plasma and Volkite considered from Sal' right of war).

Vulkan also has a heavy flamer which is strength 6 because Salamanders love FIRE and 18" str8 ap2 beam weapon for elite infantry clearing, making him one of the most shooty Primarchs. Again because this weapon doesn't need a roll to hit it can be used against invisible opponents.

With his insane durability, Vulkan can actually make a good choice for the Primarch's Chosen rite of war (Primarch as HQ rather than LoW, meaning you ignore the 25% restrictions LOW, the drawback is if the Primarch dies nothing scores -will post about these new rites at some point-).

Fun bonus tip, with Vulkan taking Pride of the Legion rite of war you can have a grand total of 10 units of Fire Drake Terminators; 3 HQ, 6 Troops and 1 more as a body guard for Vulkan. Probably never practical but fun none the less, bonus points if they're all in Spartans!

That wraps it up for Vulkan, thanks for reading and I look forward to working on Salamanders.

Any suggestions for the next legions? I'm thinking Night Lord's and Raven Guard in light of Corax's recent release.

"It is in our nature to make things that will outlast us. So we strive, we craft, we build, we make and fight and we do not yield. For within each fragile human body born is the will to grasp the stars and walk a path onto eternity it's self."

-Excerpt for the Book of Vulkan

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