Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hol Beloth focus post.

As a follow up on my preveious post I thought I would do an expansion on the Word Bearers unique character Hol Beloth. Let me know in the comments if you would like more of these expansions/indepth character posts. Cheers

Going straight into it: At weapon skill 6 he is on par with enemy praetors, (he also shares most of their stats (won't write them out for legal)) with 5 attacks, (two specialist weapons and 6 attacks on the charge) he is a total beat stick. With a mastercrafted power fist he will be instant deathing enemy praetors (he has tainted weapon but we aren't going to speak of that). Also in addition he also ignores the first wound he takes including instant death; this means that charging at an enemy praetor he could take any instant death hits from the paragon blade on his 4++ and then ignore one if it goes through. Embeding him inside a veteren squad would be an effective deathstar, as in a challenge the praetor would be removed (powerfist KO), leaving your intitive 5 -furious charge my choice of veteran tactics; you choose a special rules you give to the vets*- power swords marines to erase the retinue. 

Because he doesn't count as a chaplin or a diabolist you wild need to take an additional character. My preference would be Erebus as he would give out dark channeling as well as counting as a chaplin. This would how ever stop you from taking any relics. So no nayante blaster shennagins or lovey void sheilds. Over all give him a veteran* squad and an assault vehicle (maybe take an apothecary). 
He also confers weapon skill 5 to all friendly Word Bearer units once per game, nice bonus when combined with dark channeling and our better sweeping assaults. This is unlikely to effect more than 3 units in 2000 pt or lower games but that could be enough to swing the game back in your favour.

Previous statement retracted, Hol Beloth is a powerful HQ choice, who doesn't count as any of the Word Bearer consul types. As such you will need to take an additional character who fills those slots. I say take Erebus as he gives dark channeling which could give you Str 6 power swords or rerolls in the first turn of combat on your veteran squad (5++ and fearless is good but Erebus gives that out anyway)

Inside a land raider Phobos with armoured ceramite (ignores the extra D6 from Melta) and frag grenade launchers (just in case) this unit is brutal. Erebus could potentially roll endurance from Biomancy (pretty much always roll on Bio with this unit combo) for FNP relentless and Eternal Warrior (or you could get -1 toughness which is ridiculous and could counter out not getting +1 Str on dark channeling). This unit would erase marines, HQ and retinues and seriously threaten Monsters (not including Wraith Knights because they are just Arghhhh Wraith Knight 'nuff said, why GW? why?

Hol Beloth would be a serious contender for my favourite HQ available (at the least for the Word Bearers). 
If you would be keen for more character focuses let me know in the comments. 

Some thing divine, fallen into sin: an angel as envisaged by dæmons.
Quote from: Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden pg 149