Monday, 18 January 2016

Nathaniel Garro, Knight Errant, Hand of the Sigillite

Hello all, welcome back to the tactica blog. Today we're looking at Malcador's servant, Captain of the Death Guard 7th Battle Company. Nathaniel Garro is an Independent Character HQ choice counting as an agent of the emperor (he may not be warlord however).

Garro's stats are similar to that of a Praetor, but with one less point of weapon skill. His points come in at 75 points more than a stock Praetor. This cost is pretty balenced considering his wargear. (Bear it in mind that as Garro is unattached to any legion I will not be considering his benifits in context to allying to an particular legion force)

Garro comes with an Ap3 sword with rending that causes x2 wounds in a challenge. I myself am not a fan of this, RENDING DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE AP2, Rending relys on number of attacks and considering this is an attack from a single model even 5 attacks (4+1(charge bonus), the sword is twohanded no +1 for 2 CQWs) does not give enough attacks to get reliable wounds. I say this because in combat garro will be hitting on 4s against other HQs, dropping down to 2/3 hits which then will require 6s, which can then be saved against by the defender. This is why im predominantly not keen on Garro.

To combat Garro's weak offensive capability he comes with a super Iron Halo, conferring a 4++ which becomes a 3++ in a challenge. In addition when Garro dies he becomes Saint Celestine (no joke it's practically copy paste from Adepta Sororitus). When Garro dies you roll a leadership test and if it passes he is kept in play with a single wound left.

Keeping with the Rending trend Garro has an Assault 3 Rending Mastercrafted bolt gun. This allows to in theory out shoot other marines but those 3 shots will be against 20 man tactical squads Rending or no Rending. Garro does have precision shot so he can snipe out apothecaries or characters but that relys on 6s to hit and most likely 6s to wound, not good.

Garro's final and cool factor war gear is called; by falsehood cloaked. This wargear allows Garro to deepstrike with no scatter and forces all incoming shots that turn to be snapshots, meaning no Ap1 str10 blasts or Las-Cannons will kill him THAT TURN. This when combined with his resurrect ability and his IMPLACABLE ADVANCE RULE means that he is able to score 2/5 of his special objectives with realtive ease. These are of course Enemy DmZ and score an objective, more on these objectives in a second. This rules combo can net you from 1-3 victory points provided Garro doesnt die before the end of the game.

And now we come to Garro's major drawback (as if he wasnt crap already). At the start of the game you note down 1 of 5 secret objectives (your opponent doesnt know which one). Each one is worth a specific number of VPs if achieved, however if you fail to achieve your objective for Garro you MAY NOT CLAIM A VICTOY, FULL STOP, EVER, AT ALL. Because of this I would always say, pick either 1 or 3 as they are easily achievable considering Garro's ability to preform. These objectives are:

Be in the enemy Deployment Zone at the end of the game (1VP)

Pick another IC, if they survive you get 2VPs

Control an objective (why Implacable Advance is a rule for him), 2VP if the objective is out of
enemy DmZ and 3 if its in enemy DmZ

Kill enemy warlord in a challenge (3VPs)

and Slay a Primarch (3VP), Garro doesnt have to do all the wounds, just land the final blow.

Thanks for reading this little bonus post and Mortariton and Vulkan will be coming up soon. In the mean time Happy Wargaming everyone.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tactica Newflash FaQ Terminators

As of the newest Forge World FaQ Terminators (with unspecified patterns of TDA) can now be equipped with either Cataphractii Pattern Terminator armour or Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour, which in particular (here we go.....) ALLOWS SWEEPING ADVANCES!!!

Also as Grave Wardens and Pheonix Guard Terminators have UNSPECIFIED Terminator armour patterns, meaning they can choose which pattern they want!

Death guard I'd lean towards Cataphractii. However for Pheonix Guard Terminators this is amazing! Take the Tartaros every time. Bettwen their special charge rule which gives them Initiative 5 on the charge and Sonic Shreikers which give +1 for a crazy I6 on the charge (I5 charged). Which combined with Emperor's Children Astartes having Crusader means these guys are insane now!

(For a cheaper and just as effective option take Eilidon and Legion Terminators with Tartaros Pattern Armour and give them all 5pt Pheonix spears (equal to cost of power fist). With Eilidon's shreiker they go at I5 with ap2. With Eilidon going at I7 (5+1 for shreiker & +1 for being in a challenge) and EC having Crusader built in automatically you should be able to sweep almost anyone and anything (barring fearless so avoid that #chaplains). 

This is awesome stuff from Forge World.

One a sad note heresy era drop pod now work the same way as 40k drop pods where disembarkment is forced on arrival (negating assault vehicle on normal pods).

Also this update makes the main advantage of Gal Vorbak (being able to sweep with a durable unit) redundant so RIP them (they still have T5 and 2 wounds so they're not useless by any means But they're kinda meh now)


Thought I'd share this news and give some ideas on how to use the new ruling (expect surprised looks and be prepared to show opponents the FaQ).

If this post seems out of character I'm writing this at a very late hour (I'm a terrible person). Hope some of it made sense & happy wargaming and good night everyone!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Blog Update and Forge World Open Day Link

Hi all, just a quick little blog update for you guys. I've nearly finished my road trip so there will be some new content very soon (probably around the 9th this month NZ time).

Also I thought I would share with you guys the link to some of the photos from the Forge World Open Day (if you haven't checked it out already) as there is a whole bunch of awesome swag that has just been released, namely CORAX HIMSELF WHO LOOKS FANTASTIC  (must buy that model asap!), Dark Fury Assualt Squads (awesome raven guard vanguard vet type units with ALL LIGHTNING CLAWS WITH +1 INTITIVE ON THE CHARGE), the Mastadon Super Heavy Transport which is super sexy and carries 40 troops and has DOUBLE FIGURE HULL POINTS! Also they showed off the new Alpha Legion Head Hunter Squad who look amazing too, quality from FW just gets better and better, yay! Also finally new Warlord Titan Weapons and Head if you need more Titan Dakka!

Super excited about these releases if you can't already tell (they look amazing) and will probably be spending Christmas funds on them myself. Here's the link to the blog with the posts on it:

Enjoy the gallery!