Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Death Guard Legion Specific Troops

Been a little while since my last post, my apologies for that.

Okay so continuing on with Death Guard, today we're looking at their Legion Exclusive units; Death Shroud Terminators and Grave Warden Terminators. I'm going to say now that these aren't the most competitive choices against marines, however against Solar Auxila and Cults these units would be amazing. 

Death Shroud: The elite body guard of the Primarch Mortarion, and you can see why! With (normal) Terminator armour and 2! wounds they are incredibly durable (excluding a Vindicator/Medusa shell to the face). They are expensive at 40 points each but considering you are effectively paying 10 points for an extra wound they are worth their points.

They are armed with Chem Munition Hand Flamers (shred mitigates the strength 3 but gets hot still sucks) (eh) and Deathshroud Power Scythes for lovely Ap2. These are effectively Two-Handed power axes. However they have a special rules where they can swap out their normal attacks for a number of attacks equal to the models in base contact. Normally this would be not a great idea as they would have 3 attacks on the charge but in later turns of combat where your models are more surrounded it could be a good idea (more of a gimic than anything good in my opinion). If you're playing Terminators or you play against Terminators these guys would be a good investment, also they look really nice.

As they have Implacable Advance they are scoring units which is always good.

If there's 5 or less models they can take a Phobos which is a good choice (protects them from pesky Medusa str10 Ap1 Large Blasts). In addition as part of a Orbital Strike rite army they can Deep Strike and with 2 wounds, a 2+ armour save, Ap2 and scoring they will be a threat and difficult to remove.

Finally they can be taken as an HQ choice by them selves as well as Elites, and as characters they can be warlord. Not only that but they can also be taken as bodyguard for Terminator Praetors and the Primarch, meaning if you wanted to you could take a crap ton if them in an army. Take Pride of the Legion and Mortarion: 3HQ, 4 Elite, 6 Troops, 1 LOW bodyguard. 14 Units (double Nurgle's sacred number no less).

Next and finally is Grave Warden Terminators. Cataphractii Terminators with here's the kicker; only Ap4 weapons (told you they were Auxila killers). They have 2 shot str6 for negating Auxila FNP and 2 shot blasts that cause Toughness tests and INGORE COVER (die Auxila fools, die). In addition they can all fire a template with Ap4 that triggers Toughness tests in the same why.

They are all armed with power fists which is an incentive not to charge them already. And as if each Terminator firing a wall of death attack AND power fists wasn't discouraging enough any unit charging them will count as Disordered (no plus one attack or Furious Charge) and they count as going across dangerous terrain. Making them one if the hardest units to charge in 30K if not the whole 40K universe.

Against marines these guys won't make their points back easily but against armies with 4+ armour or worse they will make their points back super fast.

My apologies for the long delay and the short post (not a lot to review). Primarchs Mortarion and Vulkan will be up next, leading into Salamaders as the next legion.

Also let me know who you would like to see next, I'm thinking Night Lords/Raven Guard or Iron Warriors/Imperial Fists. Thanks for reading and happy war gaming. 

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  1. Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know I won't be posting for just over a week, I'm out on a road trip with very limited internet connection.

    But, I do have a bonus round for the death guard before I finish with them, Nathaniel Garro, Knight Errant, Servant of Malcador the Sigilte.

    As always let me know what legions you would like to see next, I'm tossing up between Raven Guard & Night Lords or Iron Warriors & Imperial Fists but I'm open to other ideas.

    Also if anyone would like, I could compose some army lists for you guys. Just let me know.

    Happy Wargamimg and Happy New Year.