Monday, 3 August 2015

Taking the plunge, new blog: Forge World Horus Heresy general insights

I'm new to this blogging thing but I'm taking up the mantle. I will be posting general insights on the Horus Heresy game system, and also some legion specific tactica and insights. My Horus Heresy armie are Word Bearers & Emperor's Children so the majority of the posts will most likely be centered around them, but I intend to shed my insights on my brother legions, and those foolish loyalist.

After playing War Hammer 4000 for a while, I decided to check out the Forge World Horus Heresy line. I am not a "power player" and prefer a challenge with the armies I play. I also have a larger interest in Games Workshops Lord Of The Rings line, as such I prefer tactical games over facing WraithKnights and the sort. That is what drew me into Horus Heresy (could go into a massive tangent but that's for another time), this system is -in my view- very balanced as for the most part each, combatant wields the same weapon as his enemy. 

I've found that you have two manners in which to play Horus Heresy; either the mighty sledge hammer, or the precise scalpel. Each legion is tailored to a particular play style, as such you chose your legion based on your preferred play style. Your choice of units in your list may also reflect this. 

Each legion has its own special units, special characters and a unique "formation" which gives bonus but incurs restrictions to your army.

First post complete, later posts will be general tactica, legion tactica. 

All of the legions, characters, game system and related aspects are the copy right of Forge world, Games workshop. I claim no legal anything. 

All feed back is more than welcome. Join me brothers in this crusade. 

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